Residents cope with rising floods near Northport homes after a storm


The streets of Northport were flooded after Elsa, and water sneaked into the gardens of some people. Some families decided to leave home on Thursday because the water could rise significantly in the next 72 hours.

The family does everything they can to protect themselves and their property. The city of Northport sent sandbags to help the family in the process. Some say they don’t want to endanger it, Shelter..

Police have blocked parts of Tropicea Boulevard, leaving only those who live there in the area.

Joe Morningstar is burying sandbags to protect his home from rising water.

“My son-in-law called me and told me that the street was flooded,” Morningstar said. “Then I went out and saw it, and it started to appear, and then it’s constantly rising.”

Morningstar said the pastures where he and his wife had horses were already flooded and they were not seizing the opportunity.

“My wife has already carried away three horses,” Morningstar said. “She has to come back and get five more.”

Members of the community said they would do what they had to do to stay safe while they wanted to be able to keep their homes safe in the process.

“If I have to leave, I will leave,” said Will Salazar. “I try to protect my property as much as possible.”

Norh Port says this is happening as the stormwater moves south towards Charlotte Harbor.

The question people asked us: Why is this kind of flood happening a few days after Elsa? Can I see this elsewhere?

Win Everham, an expert at FGCU’s The Water School, said floods were exacerbating development in southwestern Florida, and more canals were dug throughout the community. He says the stormwater has to go somewhere and the water system is overloaded.

“The extent to which people tried to manage water by digging canals, so it quickly disappeared from the landscape,” explained Everham. “That means that anyone downstream of them is likely to be flooded. As you know, the water doesn’t go out. If you want to get it out of your garden, it’s the other. Enter someone’s garden. “

Everham says he believes this level of flooding is unlikely to occur in other parts of southwestern Florida now that Elsa is gone. But as the hurricane season continues, this type of flood can occur elsewhere, he said.

Residents cope with rising floods near Northport homes after a storm

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