Reveal your tastes through brain activity and mood

vmPFC activity shows modulation due to both reward magnitude and skillful performance. Credits: Chew, Blain et al. , J Neurosci 2021

People can have a hard time assessing exactly how they feel about something that feels social pressure to enjoy, especially getting up early for a yoga class.According to a new study published in, how they actually feel can be collected from mood and brain activity in the reward area. JNeurosci..

Chew, Blain et al. Ask questions repeatedly to measure the mood of participants and Brain activity With fMRI that won two types of rewards. Participants have selected a box to earn points associated with the amount of money they will earn at the end of the task. This is an external reward. Next, I played a game in which the cursor moves the barrier on the screen. By playing the game, they won nothing beyond their own satisfaction with what they did well. It’s an essential reward. Participants answered questions about how they felt through the study.

Research team developed Formula To determine how much intrinsic and external rewards contributed to a participant’s mood at a particular moment. Most people felt happy after earning more points or completing the game successfully, but the contribution of either reward to happiness varied from person to person.Those whose happiness was more dependent on their essential rewards did more activity within them. Ventral prefrontal cortex, The reward area in the intrinsic reward compared to the external reward, and vice versa.

These results provide a potential means of assessing preferences without asking a complete question.

The interaction between the auditory and reward brain circuits underpins the joy of music

For more information:
Computational Neuroscience Model of Intrinsic Reward, JNeurosci (2021). DOI: 10.1523 / JNEUROSCI.0858-20.2021

Quote: Https: // through brain activity and mood (September 20, 2021) obtained on September 20, 2021 Clarify your taste

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Reveal your tastes through brain activity and mood

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