Riptide’s No. 1 pick Jeff Teat takes a tour of the Nassau Coliseum, the new home of the lacrosse team

The first comprehensive pick Jeff Teat and veteran National Lacrosse League All-Star Karam Crawford stood on the floor of the Nassau Coliseum. Now it’s bare concrete with no ice surface, staring at many banners hanging from the ceiling.

In December, New York Liptide will be a major tenant as the historic barn moves to post-NHL presence and islanders move to the UBS Arena in Belmont Park next season.

“Many of my teammates from Cornell come from around here,” said Teat, a four-time inside lacrosse media all-American who grew up just outside Toronto. “They can’t stop talking about how crazy this place is. It’s pretty exciting and a big expectation.”

Teat and Crawford, who have been with NLL since 2006 and have spent the last three seasons with New England black wolves, toured the Coliseum on Tuesday. They were joined by Sarlo Casio, who played for the Coliseum while starring at NLL’s New York Saints goal from 1990 to 2000.

Locacio, who lives in Bayport, threatened them with stories of his time at NLL when he was shown the Riptide locker room, a former saint’s room that doubled as an islander’s changing room until 2018.

The group then visited Huntington’s Blue Line Deli & Bagels, where owner Donald Rosner gave Teat and Crawford a way to make the store’s latest sandwich, The Riptide — turkey, provolone, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise. Shown. He then returned to the Coliseum to hold a clinic for 13 young people from Lockjaw Lacrosse in Baldwin.

For Rich Lisk, Executive Vice President of GF Sports, which runs Riptide, it’s all about connecting teams to the community while identifying them in the Coliseum. NLL’s next regular season begins in December and lasts until April.

“I think that means everything for the franchise,” Risk said. “We’re going around saying we’ll be the number one tenant here. We were talking about these guys in the rafters. They bought into Long Island, and that’s what I’m doing to these guys. I want you to, and I love this, I want to add it to its history. ”

The lonely season of Riptide in 2020 was truncated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to Saints (1989-2003), NLL’s Titan called the Coliseum home in 2006-2009.

The Colosseum hosts other events and is also home to the NBA G League’s Long Island Nets, which is under development.

“When you have a home, it gives you a sense of pride in what you want to make,” Crawford said. “For me, the deal with Riptide was a big part of that and an opportunity to help build something. How can I actually see this Coliseum and box lacrosse actually grow? You can see it every night. Whether we work or not depends on how many people are in the building. ”

Lisk said he hopes Riptide has signed a lease with the Coliseum and will begin customizing the arena for his team. He wants to put the Riptide logo on the outside of the building, decorate the team’s locker room and concourse, and eventually win the rafter Riptide banner (the islanders take them to the UBS Arena).

He also wants the islanders to integrate saint graduates like Lo Cascio into Riptide’s day-to-day activities, much like dynasty graduates.

“They need to embrace the community,” said Locasio. “And other teams can say,’Hey, are we in this particular building?'” This is a big show. “

Riptide’s No. 1 pick Jeff Teat takes a tour of the Nassau Coliseum, the new home of the lacrosse team

Source link Riptide’s No. 1 pick Jeff Teat takes a tour of the Nassau Coliseum, the new home of the lacrosse team

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