Royal Treatment: Is Laura Marano’s New York Accent Real?

of Netflix Royal treatment, Laura Marano starring as New York hairdresser Izzy, who gets a lifelong job when she’s there Invited to Lavania Hair for the royal family wedding.. What she doesn’t expect is to discover a connection with the prince, who is also the groom. Throughout the two distant times to get to know each other, and all of them, Izzy’s deep accents, which belong only to true New Yorkers, are right there. But is Marano’s New York accent true? Spoiler Note: Not so. But in the end, she pulled from real-life experience and nailed the accents she heard on the screen.

How does Laura Marano sound in real life?

Marano was actually born and raised in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is far from New York in this country. In real life she has no accents at all. Like many actors, Marano’s voice is fairly neutral. This makes it much easier for her to take a new accent in her new role and fully embody it. You can hear her standard voice in the interview below.

How Laura Marano completed a New York accent with a royal treatment

But when it came to her New York accent to this role, Marano had a starting point. It’s her family. She may have been born and raised in Southern California, She is Italian and has a family in New York..she said Washington post, “I put a lot of myself and my love into the story, whether it’s a New York family in Italy or not. I have a lot of families in Bronx and I hope I don’t judge the accent of New York. . Too strict “

Growing up with someone who wants to add an accent will definitely make it easier. Her accent is pretty compelling and I feel that the New Yorker family may agree.

Royal Treatment: Is Laura Marano’s New York Accent Real?

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