Russia launches secret military satellite

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Russia succeeded in putting a military satellite into orbit, believed to be part of Kremlin’s early warning missile defense system, on Thursday.

A Soyuz rocket carrying a classified payload blown up from the Presek Space Station in northern Russia early Thursday morning. Ministry of Defense Said.

At 0109 Greenwich Mean Time, a rocket “putting space equipment into orbit for the benefit of the Department of Defense” was launched, the ministry said in a statement released by Interfax News Agency.

No further details were provided.

According to Spaceflightnow’s website, which covers launches into space, launches may be delivering tundra satellites.

Russia previously launched the Tundra satellite in 2015, 2017 and 2019, according to Interfax.

Expert website Russian Space Web said Thursday’s ground orbit was “in line with previous missions” to provide a satellite for a Russian missile warning system named Kupol or Dome.

Introduced in 2019, Kupol is designed to detect and track ballistic missile launches. Landing pointAlthough the exact configuration is unknown.

In 2018, the United States, which suspects Russia is trying to develop space weapons, said it was wary of “extremely unusual behavior” of Russian satellites. Moscow rejected what it called an “unfounded claim.”

Last week, Russia faced an international backlash after the military destroyed satellites and created a cloud of space debris, forcing the crew of the International Space Station to evacuate.

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Russia launches secret military satellite

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