Safety and number of corners: Giants secondary has a lot of talented players

Logan Ryan joked about the possibility of forming a new team to defend the Giants this season.

At least it was a joke.

“I strongly support playing 11 defensive backs on every snap,” he said.

Even if Ryan was a little serious, defensive coordinator Patrick Graham rejected the hypothetical adjustment. Of course, the Giants need defensive linemen and linebackers on the field. Of course, they don’t stack the entire unit in cornerbacks and safes.

But the fact that everyone can make a hypothesis tells a lot about this Giants secondary. If they really want to, they may actually be able to get it done.

This is how deep their group is moving towards the 2021 season. They have so much safety that trying to find a way to leverage Ryan, Jabrill Peppers, Xavier McKinney, and Julian Love at the same time can be a headache. With a variety of cornerbacks such as Bradbury, Adley Jackson, Darney Holmes, Aaron Robinson, Sam Beer and Isaac Idom, their strengths against almost all types of receivers thrown by other NFL players. Is matching.

Although offense reconstruction was declared the focus of the offseason, the Giants have secretly gathered potential top two players in the league.

Bradbury, who was a professional bowler in 2020 during the first season at the Giants, said, “I think we’ll be pretty solid.”

The addition of Jackson, a Titans free agent, is probably the most important. Not only did he give the Giants a starting cornerback opposite Bradbury and appear to be stable in a volatile position throughout the 2020 campaign, but his skill set made the Giants this season, You can do more one-on-one coverage. Last year, in a nutshell, I was too zone-dependent.

“I don’t think I was able to play a lot of players last year, but I chose a spot to play as a player,” Graham said. “Adly brings another factor. Aaron Robinson, Darney, they bring another factor. Will we probably be more manly? Probably.”

When a coach says “probably,” it actually means “probably.”

“We need to do one-on-one coverage in this league, period and point blank,” Graham added.

The Giants will continue to be a flexible unit, playing against each opponent and astonishing them with what they are trying to do each week. But Bradbury may have already published a game plan for Week 8 against Kansas City.

“You have [Tyreek] Hill of the world Because it’s a fast guy, match it with a fast guy [like Jackson] Bradbury said, “I absolutely want to match a physical man with a physical man, and a fast man with a fast man.”

Jackson sounded like Bradbury was a more physical player and enjoyed the assignment among the other players he would receive, the faster the expected starting corners were. It was.

“That’s the best part of playing defense,” he said. “When I was in high school, I was asked if I liked touchdowns or defensive stops. I think defensive stops are much better.”

Until now, the Giants didn’t have to cover anyone. Most of the defensive backs were on their own during the OTA, and this week’s mini-camp rep was pretty exclusive to slow techniques. They weren’t allowed to play with their hands or even reach for the pass.

However, when training camps begin in late July and the season begins in September, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. And many ways they can.

Even if it’s 11 … maybe not once.

Safety and number of corners: Giants secondary has a lot of talented players

Source link Safety and number of corners: Giants secondary has a lot of talented players

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