SAT tests will be fully digitized by 2024, reducing test duration

# Roommates, one of the guarantees about going to school is taking important things SAT test— But with the big changes just announced, future students will have a very different testing process and experience. According to the new report, SAT testing will be a fully digital process within the next two years and will not be as long as it used to be.

Another sign that the digital revolution will continue Change our lives, The tests that high school students use to enter college have been updated. According to the @NYTimes report, SAT tests will only be available on computers. The College Board recently announced that the testing process will be digitized by 2024. The new test process allows students to complete the test on their laptop or tablet of their choice. Test center. For those who are afraid of a math section, calculators are allowed throughout that section and are set to reduce reading passages.

However, this is not the only change to the SAT test, as the length of the test will also change. Instead of the usual 3-hour test session, the SAT is reduced to a 2-hour test time. Changes in the United States will begin in 2024, but in other countries the changes will take effect next year in 2023. According to the College Board, the reason for the change is an attempt to restructure the exam to modern standards and to respond. To increase the number of questions about whether the SAT test is fair or necessary for the success of the university.

Priscilla Rodriguez, vice president of college readiness assessment at the College Board, said she hopes to change the testing process, which will make admission to college easier and less stressful.

“Mainly in the world of test options, SAT is a low stakes test for college admission. Score submission is an option for all types of colleges, hoping that SAT is the best option possible for students. I have, “she said.

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SAT tests will be fully digitized by 2024, reducing test duration

Source link SAT tests will be fully digitized by 2024, reducing test duration

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