Saudi Arabia, the top oil exporter, is targeting zero-carbon emissions by 2060

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman will give a speech at the opening of the “Saudi Green Initiative” forum in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia, the top exporter of crude oil, is aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2060, its de facto ruler said on Saturday, a few days before the COP26 World Climate Summit.

The kingdom, one of the world’s largest polluters, said it would also participate in a global effort to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030.

The United Nations states that more than 130 countries have set or are considering reduction targets Greenhouse gas emissions To achieve zero by 2050, the purpose it says is “essential” to protect a livable climate.

“Today, we are announcing the achievement of Saudi Arabia’s goals. Net zero emissions By 2060, “Prince Mohammed Bin Salman told the Saudi Green Initiative forum.

“I am pleased to be able to start the initiative at Energy sector It will decrease Carbon emissions By 2030, it will increase by 278 million tonnes annually, more than doubling the announced targets voluntarily. “

“We also announce the Kingdom’s accession to the world’s methane pledge.”

According to the statement, Saudi Arabia “contributes to global reductions.” Methane emissions It will increase by 30% by 2030 as part of our commitment to a cleaner and greener future. “

The 2060 goal “enables a smooth and viable transition without risking economic or social impact,” said Energy Minister Abdullaziz bin Salman.

COP26 President Alok Sharma welcomed the announcement.

“We hope that this groundbreaking announcement will stimulate ambitions from others prior to # COP26,” Sharma tweeted, adding that he was looking forward to seeing the details of Saudi Arabia’s plans. ..

File photo provided by energy giant Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil and gas company, shows the Dhahran oil program

A file photo provided by Saudi Aramco, a state-owned oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia, shows the Dhahran oil plant in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Aramco 2050 Target

Shortly thereafter, energy giant Saudi Aramco said it had promised to become a net-zero company by 2050.

“Saudi Aramco will achieve its ambition to go net-zero from our business by 2050,” Aramco CEO Amin Nacelle said in a forum.

“We understand that the roads are complicated and the transition is challenging, but we are confident that we can address them and accelerate our efforts to a low level. release future. “

Saudi Arabia is estimated to emit about 600 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. This is more than France and slightly less than Germany.

The 2050 will be the focus of carbon neutrality and is defined as balancing carbon emissions and absorption of carbon from the atmosphere.

As COP26 approaches, a range of countries have promised to aim for net zero emissions by 2050, and airlines and banks around the world are also aiming for mid-century goals.

UN Prime Minister Antonio Guterres said Friday that the current climate is a “one-way ticket for disasters” and emphasized the need to “avoid failure” at COP26 in Glasgow.

The rally, held between October 31st and November 12th, is considered an important step in setting global emission targets to delay global warming.

Saudi Arabia has already announced plans to plant billions of trees earlier this year as part of its Green Initiative.

Saudi Arabia has already announced plans to plant billions of trees earlier this year as part of its Green Initiative.

Tree planting drive

In March, Saudi Arabia announced a campaign to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions. This includes plans to plant billions of trees in the coming decades.

OPEC’s Kingpin aims to reduce emissions by generating half of the energy from renewables by 2030, Prince Mohammed said at the time.

The prince announced on Saturday that he would plant more than 450 million trees in the first place and restore 8 million hectares of devastated land.

Saudi Arabia also said it would designate a new “protected area.”

“The total protected area of ​​the kingdom will be more than 30% of its total area,” said Prince Mohammed, adding the first set of green initiatives to more than 700 billion riyals ($ 186.6 billion). It costs.

Princess Rema Binto Bandar al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, said the move to conserve land was important.

“We want to diversify our economy. Hospitality and tourism are the keys, but it’s also about protecting our environment,” she said in a forum.

Saudi Arabia is now using oil and natural gas to meet the fast-growing demand for electricity and desalinate the water that consumes large amounts of oil.

The initiative comes when the kingdom’s dollar box, the energy giant Saudi Aramco, faces investor scrutiny of its emissions.

In January, Bloomberg News reported that Aramco excluded emissions from many refineries and petrochemical plants from its overall carbon disclosure to investors.

If these facilities were included, the company’s self-reported carbon dioxide emissions would almost double, adding 55 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. carbon Emissions equivalent to an annual tally — approximately emissions produced by Portugal.

Saudi Arabia will invest $ 20 billion in AI by 2030

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Saudi Arabia, the top oil exporter, is targeting zero-carbon emissions by 2060

Source link Saudi Arabia, the top oil exporter, is targeting zero-carbon emissions by 2060

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