Scientific Games supports the AGA Responsible Gaming Education Week.

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Scientific Games Corporation Shows our commitment to responsible games throughout our business by supporting American Gaming Association‘NS Responsible Game Education Week..

Carla Schaefer, SG Lottery Group VP Responsible Gaming said: Promote programs, transparency and lottery literacy. ”

Among the company’s showcase programs is Healthy Play, developed by the Lottery Group to provide tools and education to promote the message HaveFun. Do good things. Play healthy.

During RGEW, the company will unveil a new digital publication for lottery customers outlining SG’s HeathyPlay program and tools. In addition, as part of the activities of RGEW 2021, the Lottery Group will announce a new Healthy Play Employee Training Program in multiple languages ​​to promote lottery literacy for employees in many countries.

Another important and responsible game highlight comes from SG Systems’ precommitment software, which provides players with the tools to personalize their game budget and make informed decisions at the casino.

Precommitment provides registered patrons with an on-demand view of play and time spent on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Players will also receive an automatic notification on EGM as they approach their set budget. Precommitment is currently installed in more than 60 casinos in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

“Social Responsibility, Honesty and Transparency are the foundations of Scientific Games and we are very proud to continue and confront the gaming and lottery industry to promote responsible gaming education and responsible play. I’m thinking. ” Tracy Skenador, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Scientific Games. “We call on everyone to always keep responsible play and education in mind.”

Scientific Games World Lottery Association (WLA) As a responsible game supplier and the first sports betting supplier to participate Global lottery monitoring system This ensures the integrity of betting with sporting events around the world.

Scientific Games supports the AGA Responsible Gaming Education Week.

Source link Scientific Games supports the AGA Responsible Gaming Education Week.

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