Sean Miller Era in Arizona

Arizona broke up with men’s basketball coach Sean Miller while the program awaited its fate in an NCAA breach investigation, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.

Since no official announcement has been made, he told AP on Wednesday on condition of anonymity.

Miller and Wildcats have been on the NCAA crosshair since being involved in the 2017 FBI’s investigation into shade recruitment practices.

This move was first reported by the stadium.

The NCAA issued a complaint notice last year. The proceedings are currently undergoing an independent accountability resolution process. Arizona voluntarily issued a post-season ban this year, finishing 17-9 and 11-9 on the Pac-12.

Miller became the third Wildcats coach to win 300 in the program, 302-109 in 12 seasons. Arizona has reached the Elite Elite three times, winning five Pac-12 regular season titles and three Pac-12 tournament titles under the mirror.

However, Arizona was unable to reach the final four under the mirror and has not won the NCAA tournament match since reaching Sweet 16 in 2017. Miller was in the final year of the contract.

After being seduced by Xavier in 2009, Miller regularly pulled in some of the country’s top recruitment classes, but Emmanuel Richardson Assistant among the 10 arrested as part of a federal corruption investigation into college basketball. When he had a coach, his hiring method was scrutinized.

Richardson was fired from college and later pleaded guilty to receiving a $ 20,000 bribe from aspiring business manager Christian Dawkins. He was sentenced to three months in prison in 2019.

Miller entered the match in 2018 after ESPN reported that ESPN had discussed a $ 100,000 payment to Deandre Ayton, who will be the number one NBA player in the future, in an eavesdropping on the FBI. Miller vehemently denied the report, and college president Robert C. Robins announced a few days later that Miller would continue to be a Wildcats coach.

The NCAA’s alleged notice sent in October included nine fraudulent acts, including lack of control by the organization and failure of university surveillance, and lack of control of the head coach by Miller.

Sean Miller Era in Arizona

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