See Willow Smith’s debut novel, Black Shield Maiden

Willow Smith is the officially published author!Only a few months after releasing her fourth studio album, “Lately I Feel Everything,” she is a singer, songwriter, dancer and activist. Announced on Instagram Her debut novel “The Black Shield Maiden” will be dropped on October 4th.

“My debut novel … 🖤⚔️ # The BlackShield Maiden 🖤⚔️ is very grateful to announce that it will drop on October 4th!”See you at our spot“The singer wrote.” I’ve been working on this Historical novel For over four years, I couldn’t be more excited to see which aspects of the story stimulate more catharsis for all of you 🙏🏾 to my best friend and writing partner @JessHendelwrites Thank you for being with me and nurturing my vision Life! I couldn’t ask for a better first experience than writing a novel! Let’s start the fight ⚔️🖤. “

What is “Shield Maiden”?

Called “The Story of the Queen of Darkness,” this 480-page book was co-authored by author Jess Handel and tells the story of a Viking-led world-dwelling African warrior, a “powerful and groundbreaking historical epic.” “is. According to the book’s website, the protagonist, Yahoo, is “a rebellious but very compassionate young warrior stolen from the home of a prosperous Ghanaian empire and taken as a slave to a distant northern kingdom. “is. When Yafeu arrives north, she is forced to adapt to a new world flooded with “barbaric shield-maidens, tyrant rulers, and mysterious gods.”

Aspiring to take over his destiny, Yahoo sets out with a shy princess named Freidis to open up a “greater future than what the king and queen have imposed on her.” Over time, she can rise from the ashes of her life she left behind and become one of the legendary shield-maidens she first feared. The site adds, “She will change the course of her history and become a revolutionary heroine of her own myth.”

Where can I order a copy of “Shield Maiden”?

Smith’s debut novel, “Black Shield Maiden “($ 28)Is currently available for pre-order on sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Bookshop.org. All pre-orders will arrive by October 4th, so add this reading to your shopping cart as soon as possible.

See Willow Smith’s debut novel, Black Shield Maiden

Source link See Willow Smith’s debut novel, Black Shield Maiden

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