Senate approves new Florida Parliament map

The Senate Reallocation Commission approved the new Florida Parliamentary map on Thursday, but there was no discussion or debate.

Democratic Senator Audrey Gibson, the only member of the committee, voted against plans to add a new 28th district in central Florida, which should support the Republican Party.

With almost all Democrats on the committee voting on the map, the plan meets the state’s constitutional requirements for districts to be adjacent and drawn without benefiting political parties or candidates. Indicates that you are.

The plan now goes to the full Senate. The House constituency change committee must approve the version of the parliamentary map.

Between 2010 and 2020, Florida’s 2.7 million new resident population growth led to new seats in the once-in-a-decade re-partition process.

The Senate has vowed to obey the Constitution. The promise was made after a three-year court battle in which the state last drew a political map.

The State Supreme Court has destroyed a map of the Republican-led state legislature drawn with the help of a state Republican consultant.

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Senate approves new Florida Parliament map

Senate approves new Florida Parliament map

Source link Senate approves new Florida Parliament map

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