Senate Committee Supports Nomination of Caliph to Lead FDA

(HealthDay)-After the Senate voted 13-8 for approval on Thursday, former US Food and Drug Administration Director Robert Caliph of Medicine was nominated to vote for the Senate again.

Some of the people who voted against the caliph’s nomination were Democrats who expressed concern about their connection to the caliph. Pharmaceutical company, New York Times report.

There is no date for the Senate vote on the nomination of the caliph. During the last year of the Obama administration, Caliph was confirmed to be the FDA Commissioner by a 89-4 Senate vote. Times report.

If reconfirmed, the caliph will take over the institution that was in the limelight during the pandemic dealing with decisions on vaccines, treatments, tests and masks. Times report. Authorities have been criticized for delaying approval of rapid home inspections, and shortages of inspections as Omicron variants rage across the country and consumer demand for inspections for school children and workers has skyrocketed. did. On the other hand, high-risk COVID-19 patients face a serious shortage of treatments that help fight Omicron, even though the FDA remains the gatekeeper for useful treatments and diagnostics.

Other major challenges facing the FDA are new e-cigarette regulations and accelerated approval of drugs. This is a problem caused by the approval of aducanumab, a controversial and expensive new drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

As a cardiologist, Caliph led Clinical trials For decades at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. Recently, he led the clinical policies and strategies of Google’s life sciences division, Verily. During the hearing, he emphasized the value of existing data. Electronic medical recordHelps answer difficult questions about drugs and devices.

Obama Appoints FDA’s Second Bureaucrat to Lead

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Senate Committee Supports Nomination of Caliph to Lead FDA

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