Senate considers legislation to strengthen surveillance of LIPA, PSEG’s storm protection

Officials said Monday that the state legislature will adopt four new legislation aimed at improving and better defining LIPA and PSEG’s readiness and response to storms.

one of the The bill would require service providers such as PSEG Long Island to submit an annual compensation statement to the state. Currently, PSEG executive salaries are not disclosed.

Senate Jim Golan is sponsoring a step requiring LIPA to submit an emergency response plan to the PSC, saying the bill has already passed the committee and could be brought to the Senate vote late Tuesday. Senator (D-Northport) stated annually for review and approval. PSEG, which manages the Long Island Grid under contract, is currently developing and updating LIPA’s annual storm response plan, but it is tropical due to a storm computer and telephone system failure that left over 535,000 customers. It has been strongly criticized for not being able to respond properly to cyclone storms. In the absence of a power source, it can take a week or more. LIPA then discovered that the system had been plagued weeks or months before the storm and that PSEG had no “business continuity” plans to work, and is now considering terminating its contract with PSEG. doing.

“The purpose of the bill is to give the PSC teeth,” Golan said, forcing changes to the response plan if not appropriate. The assembly version is sponsored by Assembly. Fred Thiele (I-Sag Harbor).

Tom Falcone, CEO of LIPA, said that almost all of the reform scores sought by LIPA itself will be determined by the enforcement of new and existing terms and conditions by LIPA.But he said, “Generally speaking, all bills are focused as needed. [reforms to] State-wide issues. We are pleased to be able to work with Congress on the bill. “

Mr. Golan described his bill as “beginning of a change in government attitude to give PSC more power and power because LIPA does not have traditional supervisory powers.” The Department of State only “reviews and recommends” involvement in LIPA.

A bill to increase transparency in executive compensation has been expressed concern in the past by Senator Todd Kaminsky (D-Long Beach), who asked top PSEG Long Island executives about salaries at a post-storm state legislature hearing. It is sponsored. PSEG does not need to publicly disclose salaries, even if required by LIPA or other state authorities.

“It’s a surprising lack of transparency on their part,” Kaminsky said of the PSEG’s refusal to disclose. The contract with LIPA does not require it.

Kaminsky’s law requires the utility or service provider to submit a statement of compensation to the PSC each year. The bill applies to all service providers with revenues in excess of $ 1 million from states, including New York American Water.

Senator Anna Kaplan’s (D-North Hempstead) reimbursement bill is a way for utilities to “reimburse” home consumers or small businesses if electrical services are down for at least 48 hours after the end of a “device failure.” Set rules for. Meteorological events, natural disasters, or other disruptions to the provision of services, “Kaplan’s aide Sean Collins said in an email.

According to Kaplan’s office, the Medical List Bill defines “medical needs” in “a realistic list of situations that require preferential recovery in an emergency to prevent a rapid and significant decline in human health and welfare.” Create a. She has another bill that provides “a documented need for electrical services to maintain physical health and well-being” and “an alternative power source or other accommodation if service cannot be restored within 24 hours.” I submitted. .. ”

Senate considers legislation to strengthen surveillance of LIPA, PSEG’s storm protection

Source link Senate considers legislation to strengthen surveillance of LIPA, PSEG’s storm protection

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