“Senorita 89” explores the dark side of the beauty pageant

Content warning: The following story contains a brief reference to sexual abuse and substance abuse.

Premiered on February 27th on Spanish streaming service PantayaA new thriller “Senorita 89“Use Miss Mexico in 1989 to dig deeper into Mexican gender norms. Beauty pageant As its fictitious setting.Full of drugs, sex and violence, the show is full of dramas, the main concern of which is feminine power and obsolete. Beauty standardsAnd a love-hate relationship with overall beauty.

It begins with 32 contestants this year moving to the remote area of ​​the pageant organizer, La Encantada. It is a mansion that combines the atmosphere of a “” house.Mexican gothic” When “Bachelor’s degree.“There, the imbalance of power becomes apparent immediately. The’girl’give their legal rights as a prerequisite for participation, as everyone keeps calling them, even in their early twenties. And you have to sign a super strong contract. The pageant organizer, headed by Ilsesaras’s Conception, as part of Madame, will use these contracts as clubs and choose when and how to enforce them. Primarily, these are tools that allow “girls” to express the ideals of a pageant’s female charm. No medicine, baby, no opinion. The pilot ends by revealing how hypocritical the entire system is. One of the terms of the contract is that the “girl” has not undergone plastic surgery. However There is a hidden operating room under La Encantada. And Conception’s husband is a surgeon! He chooses different athlete procedures and she gets them to agree as part of their participation.

The same thing happens with the use of drugs and alcohol. Dolores (aka Miss Guerrero), played by Barbara Lopez, comes to La Encantada with a serious substance abuse problem. Dolores has abused her substance as a means of escaping the perilous situation in which she is placed, such as mediating sexual favors with strong men to ensure her safety and move forward. When her conception is discovered, she agrees to take Dolores lightly to stop her complete withdrawal and potential scandal. She does not exactly help young women who are under threat of addiction.

Angeles in Oaxaca, played by Coti Camacho, is breastfeeding, but Conception cannot do that either. This time, Conception is wary of the emergence of racists. Looks like an indigenous people Than many contestants (though no one) Black Latina, Obviously there is a racing issue). Conception is pressing his assistant to meet Miss Oaxaca and stop breastfeeding. During the meeting, Angeles agrees, but she is not so easily threatened. Instead of following, she regularly sets up a secret rendezvous with her child to maintain her milk production.

The contest was exploitative and it has long been a feminist critique of the beauty pageant. However, “Senorita 89” does not leave it as it is. Instead, it gives the athlete agency and humanity. For example, Isabel of Yucatan, played by Natasha Dupeiron, told herMiss Darrowei “ read. Miss Yucatan has already read it and rejected his dissertation. “I also pick flowers and throw feasts, and I want a beautiful house, kids, and a husband,” says Dupeyrón. “But if you think that means abandoning my life, you’re wrong. I want it, I want to work too. I want a house, but in the world I also want a place, and I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive …. I think you’re the one trapped in jail.

Contestants aren’t there out of vanity, but because the pageant promises them a rare route to power. It promises them a chance to change their lives — not by acquiring direct property, but then by meeting and influencing powerful people. In the second episode, Chihuahua’s Joselin, played by Lady Gutierrez, uses a press conference to draw the attention of her missing teenage sister.She knows something bad has happened, and without her pushing, everyone will forget it Missing chihuahua girl.. And she keeps pushing, using her place as one of the most beautiful things to try to protect her sister.

It’s important to note that beauty, and especially the ideal beauty version sold by Pageant, is dissatisfied. It is sold like a road to the power of women.Studies show Being attractive increases your chances of moving forward at work..Hell, but I’m just wearing makeup People are more likely to think you are competent in your work. But beauty is a limited path to power. Same study Showed that makeup can help working women revealed that it can Also If you have the wrong kind of makeup, it’s too obvious, or it’s too far out of the man’s line of sight and you consider it ideal, you’ll be negative. and, The science of how people think beauty and intelligence are related — Primarily when a beautiful woman is in charge, many believe she couldn’t have reached it because of her professional merits.

“Senorita 89” knows that the audience meets beautiful people and has a lot to look at. But it also investigates our idea of ​​what it means to be the subject of all its appearance. It reminds us of the racialized nature of beauty, as the indigenous peoples of Miss Oahaka are repeatedly the central stage. It faces our thoughts on the connection between beauty and intellect. In particular, Dr. Elena has learned a lot from and from her students. And it shows how the deep beauty of the skin acts as a betrayal as the conception exploits the woman who comes after her. In two episodes, “Señorita 89” is a show that includes thoughtful questions about women’s rooting in their appearance and why the causes and consequences of “beauty” are still worth investigating. It is clear that there is.

“Senorita 89” will premiere in Pantaya on February 28th.

“Senorita 89” explores the dark side of the beauty pageant

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