“Senorita 89” is a political thriller of pageant culture

New feminist thriller “Senorita 89“Will be published on a Spanish streaming service this month Pantaya.. The one-hour drama tells the story of 32 Mexican beauty queens competing for the 1989 crown in exploitation. pageant Organizers, lecherous sponsors, and their own secrets.In her part, a star Ilsesaras We hope the show will inspire conversations about beauty, stereotypes and violence. She is the woman running the pageant and plays the show’s former villain, Conception.In the first two episodes, Conception shows a young woman taking care of her, showing her evil muscles. Sex work,anxiety Racists appearingAnd generally uses her power only to advance her own agenda.

However, when simmered underwater, it is clear that the conception has a very subtle nuance. She is a successful woman by being both hyperfeminine and hypermasculine.On the feminine side, Showrunner Slash executive producer Lucia Puenzo says the character has an “angelic face” and she continues to protect it. Traditional ideal of female beauty.. However, Conception is constantly trying to prove her worth, using her power like a club that Saras calls a “patriarchal” ploy. As the show progresses, both Saras and Puenzo promise to explore further character contradictions. Or, as Puenzo says, “her emotional arc is to open her eyes and understand her own scars and who she is, and that’s basically a series for me. Is the center of. “

Puenzo classifies “Senorita 89” as a “political thriller”. Fictitious figures like the Conception include politicians, rich kingmakers, and the famous pretty young ones. But note that the treatment and agency of the Queen of Beauty is also political for Puenzo, and how their exploitation explains something bigger about Mexican and Latin American societies: mainly How can a woman be exhausted by a destructive system, whether media, politics, or beauty? Puenzo remembers seeing the pageants who grew up in Argentina and what big event they were for her. She now sees her ratings as an “accomplice” to her exploitative practices. In fact, when she was first approached about “Senorita 89,” she wanted to run in the opposite direction, but it was complicated and denied by the way her teenage pageants defined female self-esteem. I continued to have a positive feeling. Instead, she applied herself and her scholarship to the show. Among the pilots, there is a scene where a young scholar lectures on the meaning and construction of beauty, and Puenzo says it comes from her experience. She wrote her dissertation on this subject. See how beauty affects power, and the “very deep way” that society carves it meaningfully.

Part of the question of what we think of beauty is how limited it is. “When you look at the 32 states of Mexico, women don’t look the same. It’s a celebration of how different women are,” Puenzo declares. But instead, the pageant system makes them all look the same. This is the process that is happening in “Señorita 89”. Puenzo points out that we have come a long way, observing that “everything that scandalizes us today has been completely normalized” at the time.But we still Need more, And examining our past is an important part of that. In a show held over 30 years ago, Puenze said, “It’s important to look back on the recent past to understand what led us to the present.”

She is inspired by the green waves of the last 15 years and how it connects women across Latin America. Against pesticides. “Senorita 89” depicts some of the violence that these feminists assemble. Sexual abuse And thousands of Mexican women “Disappeared” in Chihuahua.. Now, Puenzo wants Senorita 89 to teach the American people a few things. The main thing is to abandon the stereotype of being a Latin American woman. With so many distinct female characters, “Senorita 89” invites viewers to “see all our differences.” And by telling stories from a female perspective, our agency is also at the center.

That approach is compelling and rare. It makes “Senorita 89” different from much of what we see in the United States, which is usually centered around the Anglo male perspective. And it mainly refrains from giving lectures to the viewer, but rather relies on its rich narrative to work. The show is full of plots to keep the audience captivated. We are talking about a series of characters representing Mexico’s most beautiful women, dealing with murders, plots and lies. It’s the type of show where you can lose yourself. And, fortunately for the viewer, the feminist message is woven into a smart and interesting television.

“Senorita 89” is a political thriller of pageant culture

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