Seventh man arrested for sexual abuse at a juvenile training school

Concord, New Hampshire – A former juvenile training school accused of responding to an alleged rape of a wounded and crying teenager, saying, “Look at the little guy, it won’t happen” in the latest development of an extensive survey of New Hampshire facilities. A worker was arrested on Thursday.

Gordon Thomas Saals, 65, in Brooksville, Florida, was charged with one rape a day after six other former workers were arrested at the Sununu Youth Service Center. He was detained without bail in Florida, and it was unclear if he had a lawyer to speak on his behalf.

The Manchester facility (formerly known as the Youth Development Center) has been under investigation since July 2019 when two former counselors were charged with raping a teenage boy 82 times in the 1990s.


These allegations were withdrawn last year to strengthen the expanded investigation, but two men were re-arrested Wednesday, based on allegations from 11 victims between 1994 and 2005. ..

Saals was nominated in a lawsuit filed last year by more than 200 men and women alleged to have been physically or sexually abused as children by 150 staff at the Manchester Center between 1963 and 2018. Was one of them.

According to their lawyers, children were gang-raped by counselors, beaten while being raped, and forced to compete for food in a “fight club” established by counselors for weeks or months. I was trapped in a cell.

Plaintiff’s chief, David Meehan, claims that in 1998 Saals entered his room and saw Mihan’s face severely hurt by his black eyes and torn lips.

“Saals jokingly asked what had happened, at which point David began to cry and told him he had been beaten and raped,” the proceedings said. “Sales cut him off and replied,’Look at the little guy and it won’t happen.'” Then Saals left. “


The other six men appeared in the first court on Thursday. The bail trial was postponed until Friday, with judges setting bail of $ 100,000 for Lucian Plett and $ 50,000 for Bradley Asbury.

Asbury, 66, in Dunbarton, New Hampshire, was charged with being an accomplice to a former resident rape between 1997 and 1998.

Attorney General Timothy Sullivan opposed, “In some circumstances, the risk of defendants may decrease over time, but this is not one of those situations.”

According to Sullivan, supervisor Asbury helped another worker throw a teenage boy to the floor and held him down while the other two were raping him.

“This is the child who was taken care of by this individual,” he said. “They were sent there for counseling, sent for treatment, and instead received nothing like that, but rather suffered horrific sexual violence.”


This week, a message was left to Poulette’s lawyer.

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Seventh man arrested for sexual abuse at a juvenile training school

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