Shailene Woodley breaks silence with Aaron Rodgers’ engagement!

rear Aaron Rodgers Surprisingly he said he was engaged now, Shailene Woodley We also finally confirmed that they were actually married while Jimmy Fallon’s guests were there! Check what she had to say!

According to the actress, the NFL star “a little while ago”, a few days before Aaron casually released the big news, even though the public knew only about their “long-distance relationship” relationship. I made a suggestion!

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Obviously she said so, and they are supposed to get married now!

Woodley told the host, “Yes, we are engaged. But for us, it’s not” new “news. So it’s a little funny. Now everyone is surprised about it and we say, “Yes, we have been working for a while.”

She cast a little shade on his career after continuing to praise his fiancée.

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“He’s a great, incredible person at first, but I didn’t expect to get engaged to someone who threw a ball to make a living. Don’t think he’s a little girl. “Yes, when I grow up, I’ll marry the person who throws the ball! Yeah!” But he’s really good at it, “she jokingly said.

Shae-Lynn has revealed that she is not a sports fan by admitting she has not yet gone to a football game despite being engaged to a football player!

Of course, it was mainly due to the pandemic where there was no match, so she should show him stadium support in the future!

But what really caught her heart was how Aaron gained the love of her dog almost instantly!

She remembered: “When I first met him, my dog ​​pulled me aside and looked like this.” If I didn’t date this guy, I would disown you as my mother. You throw the ball nothing compared to the marathon I can run with him. ” Oh….


Shailene Woodley breaks silence with Aaron Rodgers’ engagement!

Source link Shailene Woodley breaks silence with Aaron Rodgers’ engagement!

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