Sharks found in knee-deep water as swimmers run for safety

shark Found in knee-deep water Florida Sends sprinting bathers out of the water, presents the latest incident of increased sightings of giant predators along the ocean. we northeastern coastline.

People at Neptune Beach on Saturday afternoon jacksonville I quickly pulled out my camera and grabbed footage of a pair of sharks we had pulled into shallow water. Fox 13 reported first.

The sighting soon had several swimmers sprinting for shore, as one of the videos shared online can be heard yelling “Get out of the water.”

But just a few meters away from where the shark’s fins can be seen poking out of the water, some of the beachgoers can be seen continuing to swim, so the plea should be heard by all. Not tilted, not heard.

The sighting of a pair of sharks on a North Florida beach on Saturday was jarring, but far less dangerous for an event involving big fish in the area that day.

A pair of sharks was spotted in knee-deep water off the coast of Florida, prompting swimmers to flee the ocean

(Fox 13/Screengrab of video)

On the same day, a man was seriously injured after being attacked by what lifeguards suspected but could not confirm was a shark on Jacksonville Beach, about two miles south of where the pair of sharks were found. It is said that

Around 12:00 p.m. Saturday, Robert Alexander, an eyewitness to the attack, said: News4JAX He heard people screaming at a popular beach destination when he saw a man in the water waving for help.

On a beach in northern Florida, a pair of sharks can be seen swimming near the shoreline from miles apart.

(Fox 13/Screengrab of video)

Shortly after, a lifeguard jumped into the water to help the man. Mr. Alexander told local news outlets how he saw copious amounts of blood surrounding the man’s body before seeing what he believed to be when he began to approach him. It was a large shadow of a shark coasting past a group ten feet away.

“I started splashing and making a lot of noise. Then I realized it was a kind of blindness. I grabbed him and put him on a boogie board,” Alexander said. told the news station.

They were able to pull an unidentified man to shore, but the legs – from shin to foot – reportedly bit off from the swimmer by the suspected predator were “pretty shredded.”

“His leg was hanging off when we carried him to shore. You can see that his leg didn’t move,” said Alexander, adding that nurses were there to care for the man when he reached shore. He added that he needed a teacher and extra lifeguards.

According to Ocean Rescue, they attribute the incident to a “possible shark bite,” but no one at the scene saw the actual creature that caused the man’s wounds, so it’s possible that it wasn’t. We were unable to prove that it was actually a shark attack.

As of Sunday morning, the man injured on Saturday is still in hospital and is being treated for “serious injuries.”

In recent years, the number of shark sightings off the coast of the East Coast has increased, prompting local authorities to issue warnings, close downs and mandate additional monitoring.

For example, in New York local news outlets It is estimated that there have been at least five non-fatal shark attacks on Long Island beaches in the past month, with two reported bites within 11 hours.

An increase in shark sightings has prompted New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul to direct agencies such as the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Service, State Police, and the Department of Environmental Conservation to increase surveillance of waters and shorelines. I put it out. As many angles as you can think of.

The governor called for the addition of drones and helicopters to monitor the situation from above, as well as foot and water patrols in the affected areas on the ground.

Although local shark sightings have increased, unsolicited shark attacks around the world remain rare. There were 39 provocative bites. International Shark Attack File.

Sharks found in knee-deep water as swimmers run for safety

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