SharpLink Gaming uses Quintar to bring sports betting to the Metaverse

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SharpLink Gaming Expanded technology partnership with fan technology platform company Quintar IncEnables a live sports metaverse experience.

Under the terms of the agreement, SharpLink Gaming’s C4 sports betting conversion capabilities will be integrated into Quintar’s q.Reality-enabled Metaverse experience in legalized sports betting conditions.

As an integrated sports betting partner, SharpLink Gaming provides real-time sports betting content and conversion tools for fans to become sports betting through Quintar’s Metaverse platform.

“The US sports betting market continues to mature and expand, and by combining an immersive metaverse experience with real-time personalized betting offers, it is very popular and in demand for passionate and casual sports enthusiasts. It will increase. ” Jeff JonasCo-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quintar.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with SharpLink Gaming’s proven and talented sports game engineers and technicians to help them stay on the cutting edge of innovation in Metaverse’s sports, gaming and entertainment experiences. doing.”

Quintar recently partnered with a major telecommunications company to show how to watch live sports by using its partner’s 5G network to access augmented reality (AR) content in arenas and sports venues. It has changed.

Rob FisianSharpLink Co-Founder and CEO said: “Developed over two years and validated in real-world applications by major sports leagues and sportsbooks, SharpLink’s C4 sports betting conversion solution is built from scratch and specially designed for the United States sports betting market. – Helps to distinguish SharpLink as a reliable source of information and as an obvious choice for high performance digital solutions that provide quantifiable results to valued customers and partners like Quintar. “

SharpLink Gaming uses Quintar to bring sports betting to the Metaverse

Source link SharpLink Gaming uses Quintar to bring sports betting to the Metaverse

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