Shekinah Jo wipes out the air about allegations she opposed

Yesterday, Shekhinah Jo came to defend her friend Tameka “Tiny” Harris on Instagram live and hired women for sexual activity with TI and Tiny about Sabrina Peterson, CEO of The Glam University. I made several allegations, including support. Also in the act.

Today, Shekina wiped out the air and said the accusation was not true. Once again, she jumped on Instagram live, sharing what she claimed to be hurt, and claiming to have heard repeated information from a friend named Willie. “Willie is said to have been telling me about Sabrina, so what I said live yesterday was hurt,” she said. “This had nothing to do with other women. She feels like a mental illness, so I really wanted to bring it back to her (Sabrina).”

While she was speaking, Shekina began to become emotional and cried. She continues. What I haven’t done is pull me into some places where I have nothing to do with it. I don’t know the friendship between Sabrina and Tiny because I wasn’t a friend when I came. Sabrina doesn’t know her, so it can’t be said that no one hired her for them. Willie said so. “

If you recall, yesterday Shekina claimed that Sabrina was doing all this for influence. “I’m trying to understand why she didn’t tell ya’ll that she was one of the women who once recruited h * es they went to f ** k? Why she Didn’t you say you’re sick of it, “Shekina said. “Ask her what was happening when she was in 3P and 4P, what happened to her. What was it like when she was recruiting h * es?”

Some roommates lied and called Shekina. One commented, “Why does she always get caught up in something unnecessarily and cry about it?” Another comment said, “No, when she was trying to get up for Tiny, she said she shouldn’t say, so she’s trying to go back. Now she doesn’t know her, You said the girl went down to Tiny and TI and slept with them. “

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Shekinah Jo wipes out the air about allegations she opposed

Source link Shekinah Jo wipes out the air about allegations she opposed

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