Sheriff Lee defends the department’s record budget

Lee County

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marseno is asking the Lee County Commission to approve more than $ 241 million in government budgets.

The proposed budget is 12.2% increase It exceeded the budget approved by the sheriff’s office last year.

His priority is to provide salary increases to agents and other staff.

It is not a priority to provide body cameras to those agents.

Sheriffs often talk about his real-time intelligence center, and how his detectives and agents have the latest and greatest technology available to put the bad guys behind the bar.

His record budget has a lot of money for new technologies, but what’s almost standard in modern law enforcement agencies: body cameras don’t even have a penny.

Sheriffs do not escape the question and do not seem to care about the fact that Fort Myers and Cape Coral police and Collier County Sheriff’s agents all have body cameras. Charlotte County expects to have them by the summer.

Body cameras are not the investment sheriffs want to make right now.

“Before putting millions of dollars of taxpayer money into the body cam, I want boots on the street. Rather, I’m actually physically walking in a neighborhood driving a neighborhood that people can see. I want to hire more people, “Marseno said.

Law enforcement agencies use body cameras to protect agents, officers, and the people they meet. Video and sound often help resolve allegations of excessive power and cheating.

WINK News asked the sheriff if his agent would rather have the opportunity to defend their actions with the help of body camera videos.

“Of course, I’m not going to pay millions of dollars to do that. It costs millions of dollars to store that data, so it costs a lot,” Marseno said. increase.

Kevin Luang, chairman of the Lee County Commission, said he agreed with the sheriff.

“Do I get a police car or a camera? I have a surveillance device that can illuminate the building with infrared rays so I know what I’m walking towards or a camera Can I get it? “Luang said.

More boots on the ground means more agents. Currently, Marciano’s immediate priority is to hire and maintain boots.

He also wants a 14% wage increase for his agents and staff, as living expenses are skyrocketing due to inflation.

“We want to be a place where people come. They want to be here because they are paid and they want to stay where they work. I promise to stay, “Marseno said.

Both Luang and Brian Haman said they tend to provide what sheriffs want with the proposed budget.

Sheriff Lee defends the department’s record budget

Source link Sheriff Lee defends the department’s record budget

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