Shooting at a bowling alley in Illinois: U.S. military personnel killed and injured three in Don Carter Lane, Rockford

Rockford, Illinois-A Florida-based sergeant of the U.S. Army Special Forces was charged with apparently random shootings at a bowling alley in Illinois, killing three and injuring three, officials said Sunday. It was.

Winnebago County Attorney J. Hanley said 37-year-old Duke Webb was charged with three attempted murders and three attempted murders in a shooting at Rockford’s Don Carter Lane on Saturday night. Bowling is not currently allowed due to state-imposed coronavirus restrictions, but business-linked bars were legally open.

Rockford police chief Dan O’Shea said at a press conference on Sunday morning that Webb was detained shortly after the shooting at around 7 pm.

“I am very confident that the police officers at the site of the building were able to stop further violence,” O’Shea said.

He said all three who died were men aged 73, 65, and 69, but did not provide a name.

In addition, he said, a 14-year-old boy was shot in the face and airlifted to Madison’s hospital in a stable condition, and a 16-year-old girl whose shoulder was shot was treated and released at the hospital. The 62-year-old man was severely ill after undergoing surgery overnight after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, the chief said.

The suspect has no known relationship with the victim, O’Shea said.

“This is a completely random act, in which case there is no prior meeting or any kind of relationship between the suspect and the victim,” O’Shea said. He did not provide information on how the shooting came about.

The U.S. Army said Webb was a special forces assistant operations and intelligence sergeant assigned to the 3rd Battalion of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne Forces) at Camp Bull Simons at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. He joined the Army in 2008 and took a vacation on Saturday.

Colonel John W. Sandnes, commander of the 7th Special Forces Group, said in a statement, “I am shocked and saddened to know about this tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers were killed. I am with people’s families. “

According to O’Shea, the bowling alley was closed at the time of shooting, according to the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, the bar on the second floor was open. The chief said the venue on the second floor had double doors that opened to the outside, ensuring that the bar complies with Illinois’ COVID-19 mitigation guidance.

Up to 25 people were in Don Carter Lane at the time of the shooting, but most of them fled or hid, O’Shea said. He refused to reveal whether the shootings took place at the bar or elsewhere in the building, and said those details would be revealed in court. He said the injured teens were picking up food in the carry-out section of the bowling alley.

He said the suspect tried to hide his weapons before his arrest, and that police officers were arrested without firing.

“Most of the incidents were captured in surveillance videos from within the company,” O’Shea said, adding that investigators are investigating the captured images.

O’Shea said investigators were in contact with the Army. He didn’t explain why the Florida guy was in Illinois. The Army said it would fully support police investigations.

Rockford Register Star reported that 2020 was the worst year of murder in a city of about 170,000 inhabitants about 80 miles (130 km) northwest of Chicago. This year, 35 people were killed in the city, breaking the 1996 record of 31 people.

“We are at the end of this most difficult year and looking ahead to this year’s New Year, so we know we need to stop this kind of violence,” said Mayor Tom McNamara. “… And today, as the country is looking at us, we, as Rockford people, support each other as one Rockford on how to respond to such incidents. Must be shown as. ”

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Shooting at a bowling alley in Illinois: U.S. military personnel killed and injured three in Don Carter Lane, Rockford

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