Shooting at Highland Park, Illinois: Interesting person Robert E. Climo III was detained after six people were killed and dozens were injured.

Highland Park, Illinois-Authorities announced at a press conference Monday night that 22-year-old Robert E. Climo III had been detained without incident after a brief follow-up of police.

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At least six people were killed, 30 were injured, and hundreds of marchers and strollers were carried by rooftop shooters on Monday during an Independence Day parade outside Chicago, police said. Parents and children on bicycles ran away in fear. The suspect remained loose afterwards as authorities searched the area and police surrounded the house listed as his possible address.

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said on Monday afternoon that police had identified 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo III as a person of interest and warned that he should be armed and considered dangerous. .. Police refused to answer questions about how they identified Klimo. Authorities described his car as a silver Honda Fit with an Illinois license plate DM80653.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to ABC News that social media posts of interested persons are part of an ongoing investigation.

The July 4th shooting was the latest to shatter the rituals of American life. Schools, churches, grocery stores, and now community parades have all become hitmen in recent months. This time, bloodshed came when the country tried to find a reason to celebrate its founding and the bonds that still connect it.

“It’s devastating that the American celebration was destroyed by our own American plague,” Illinois Governor JB Pritzkar said at a news conference.

Video: Governor Pritzker infuriates a more innocent life robbed by gun violence

“I’m furious because I don’t have to do this … we celebrate July 4th only once a year, but the shootings are weekly-yes, weekly-become an American tradition. I am. “

The filming took place at a location on the parade route, with many residents betting a major perspective early in the day for the annual celebration. Dozens of bullets sent out hundreds of parade participants-some were visibly bloody-escaped. They left traces of abandoned items that suddenly disrupted their daily lives. A box of chocolate cookies spilled on the grass. Children’s Chicago Cubs cap.

“There is no safe place,” said Barbara Hart, 73, a resident of Highland Park, who was away from the parade for fear of mass shootings but later ventured out of her home.

“Some of the dead victims” died on the scene, and one was taken to a hospital and died there, Christopher Coveli, a spokesman for Lake County’s Major Crime Task Force, said at a news conference. Police have not released details about the victims or injured.

Jennifer Parker, Coroner of Lake County, said the five people killed in the parade were adults, but there was no information about the sixth victim who was taken to the hospital and died there. One of the murderers was a Mexican citizen, and Roberto Velasco, director of North American affairs in Mexico, said on Twitter on Monday. He said two other Mexicans were injured.

The NorthShore University Health Center accepted 26 patients after the attack. Dr. Brigham Temple, head of emergency preparedness, said all but one had gunshot wounds. Their age ranged from 8 to 85 years, and Temple estimated that 4 or 5 patients were children.

Temple said 19 of them had been treated and discharged. The other patients were transferred to another hospital, but the two patients remained stable at Highland Park Hospital.

ABC News Special Report: What We Know About Active Shooting in the Suburbs of Chicago

Shooters fired at about 10:15 am when the parade passed about three-quarters, officials said.

Chris O’Neil, commander of the Highland Park police and on-site incident commander, said gunmen seemed to use a “powerful rifle” to fire from a location above a “very hard-to-see” commercial building. Stated. He said the rifle was recovered on site. Police also found a ladder attached to the building.
“It’s a very random, very intentional, very sad day,” Kovel said.

President Joe Biden said on Monday that he and his first lady, Jill Biden, were “shocked by the meaningless gun violence that once again brought sadness to the American community on this Independence Day.” “We urged federal law enforcement agencies to support an urgent search for the archers who are currently in large numbers,” he said.

Biden has signed the most widespread gun violence bill passed by Congress in decades. The compromise has shown both a long and unmanageable development of problems and a persistent division of sectarianism.

Police believe that there is only one shooter, but warned that he was still armed and should be considered dangerous. Several nearby cities have canceled events such as parades and fireworks. Some of them noticed that there were still a large number of highland park shooters. Evanston, Deerfield, Skokie, Waukegan and Glencoe have canceled the event. The Chicago White Sox also announced on Twitter that the scheduled post-match fireworks show was canceled due to shooting.

Over 100 law enforcement officers have been called to the parade site or dispatched to find suspects.

On Monday night, more than 12 police officers surrounded the house listed as the address of Kurimo in Highland Park. Some policemen had rifles, looking at the house. There was a large armored car labeled “Police Rescue Vehicle” in the middle of the road near the house. Police blocked the road leading to the house near the tree-lined road near the golf course and allowed only law enforcement vehicles to pass through narrow perimeters.

Highland Park is a close community of about 30,000 people on the shores of Lake Michigan, just north of Chicago, with rich and sometimes famous mansions and vast lakesides, including NBA legend Michael Jordan. There is a mansion. The city for years when he played for the Chicago Bulls. John Hughes shot some of the city’s films, including “Ferris Bueller’s Day Suddenly,” “Suteki na Katao,” and “Weird Science.”

Democrat Pritzker promised to support the community and bring the shooters to trial.

“There is no evil word to appear in the celebration of public freedom, hide in the roof and shoot innocent people with assault rifles,” Pritzker said.

The ominous signs of a fun event suddenly filled both sides of Central Avenue, where the shooting took place, with horror. Dozens of strollers-the ones with the American flag, abandoned children’s bikes, and helmets with images of Cinderella left behind. Blankets, lawn chairs, coffee and water bottles were knocked down as people fled.

Gina Troiani and her son were lined up in his day care class ready to walk the route of the parade when they heard a loud noise believing it was fireworks-until they heard people yelling about the shooter. In a video taken by Troiani on her phone, some of the children were visibly surprised by the loud noise, and when the sirens screamed nearby, they scrambled by the side of the road.

“We just start running in the opposite direction,” she told The Associated Press.

Her five-year-old son was riding a bicycle decorated with curled red and blue ribbons. He and the other children in the group had a small American flag. The city said on its website that the festival would include a parade of children’s bicycles and pets.

Troiani said he pushed his son’s bike and ran through the neighborhood back into the car.

“It was a kind of mess,” she said. “Some were looking away from their families. Some dropped the wagon and grabbed their kids and started running.”

Highland Park resident Debbie Glickman says the group is preparing to enter the main route after seeing people running from the area on a parade float with a colleague. I did.

“People began to say,’There’s a shooter, there’s a shooter, there’s a shooter,’ Grickman told AP.” So we just ran. We just ran. That’s a big deal over there. It’s like a mess. “

She didn’t hear the sound or see anyone who appeared to be injured.

“I’m very surprised,” she said. “I’m very sad.”

So far in 2022, as of July 4, there were 308 mass shootings, including this latest mass shooting in Illinois.

The Gun Violence Archive defines mass shootings as injuring or killing four or more people, excluding the perpetrators, with 692 guns in 2021, 610 in 2020, and 417 in 2019. I counted the mass shootings.

July 4th was the highest number of mass shootings and injuries on any day in 2021.

There were 11 mass shootings on Independence Day, injuring 51 people.

July also caused the most mass shootings in 86 in 2021, and June was the second highest in 77.

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Shooting at Highland Park, Illinois: Interesting person Robert E. Climo III was detained after six people were killed and dozens were injured.

Source link Shooting at Highland Park, Illinois: Interesting person Robert E. Climo III was detained after six people were killed and dozens were injured.

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