Shredder Banksy artwork sells for $ 25.4 million at auction

London (AP)

The work of British street artist Banksy, which was sensationally self-shredded shortly after being sold at auction three years ago, won £ 18.5 million ($ 25.4 million) on Thursday. This is an artist’s record.

The “Love is a Recycle Bin” was provided by Sotheby’s in London, with pre-sale estimates of £ 4 to $ 6 million ($ 5.5 million to $ 8.2 million).

The sale price was three times the high price quote.

This piece consists of a canvas shredded in half of a gorgeous frame with a spray-painted image of a girl reaching for a heart-shaped red balloon.

When it was last sold at Sotheby’s in October 2018, the piece was known as “Girl With Balloon.” Just as an anonymous European buyer won, the hidden shredder embedded in the frame by Banksy came alive, with half of the canvas hanging strips from the frame.

Sotheby’s described the stunted work as “the ultimate Banksy artwork.”

Never fully identified, Banksy began his spray painting career in Bristol, England, becoming one of the most famous artists in the world. His mischievous and often satirical image included two male police officers kissing, an armed riot police with a yellow smiley face, and the words “I laugh now, but I’ll be in charge someday.” Includes chimpanzees.

Some of his work is sold at auction for millions of dollars. In March, Banksy’s first mural on the walls of a hospital honoring British health care workers was sold at a Christie’s auction for £ 16.8 million ($ 23.2 million). This is an artist’s record.

“Girl With Balloon” was originally stencil-printed on the walls of eastern London and duplicated endlessly, making it one of Banksy’s most famous images.

Shredder Banksy artwork sells for $ 25.4 million at auction

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