Sigourney Weaver plays a teenager in Avatar 2

Sigourney Weaver Is tackling a new acting challenge: she will play a teenager in “Avatar: The Road of Water,” the actor said. Empire Magazine In a new interview. On July 1, a 72-year-old actor, who died in the original 2009 “Avatar” movie by Dr. Grace Augustine, revealed that she would play her adopted daughter, the teenage Na’vi. Sam worthington Character, Jake Sully, and Zoe SaldaƱa Neytiri. “I think we all remember most of what we felt in adolescence,” Weaver told the magazine, revealing that her character would be named Kiri. “That’s true. When I was 11, I was 5’10” or 5’11 “. I strongly felt that Kiri would always feel awkward. She’s looking for who she is. I’m I was excited to be given that challenge. “

The revelation is the latest detail to reveal a bit about what fans can expect from the “Avatar” sequel. It’s been a long time since the original “Avatar” landed in the theater. In fact, more than 10 years have passed since it was released in 2009. The film appears in the future of human travel, which has completely depleted the earth’s natural resources. Pandora’s fictional moon mines resources and begins a war with Navi, a type of 10-foot-high humanoid alien who is the inhabitant of the moon. This movie has become the highest-selling movie ever.James Cameron’s movie I’m supposed to get a sequel many years ago, Production was delayed due to high budget function. However, it’s finally time for Avatar 2 to be turned to the world, and new details have emerged over the years.

The sequel plot is still pretty vague to the audience, but we’ll certainly learn more in the coming months before the movie officially goes on sale. Everything you know about this long-awaited sequel is here. Some of the new talents to join the cast..

Sigourney Weaver plays a teenager in Avatar 2

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