Simone Biles’ decision to prioritize mental health inspires local athletes

Long Island, Huntington (WABC)-Simone Biles makes a bold decision Withdraw from two Olympic Games to prioritize her mental health And that movement inspires other athletes and helps them redefine their strength.

14-year-old New York State Gymnastics Champion Anaya Rodriguez saw everything unfold on Wednesday morning.

At first there was confusion.

Biles is a Rodriguez hero, but in Huntington’s Gold Medal Gymnastics there was a lot of follow-up discussion about what would be a hero-and sometimes it’s a difficult decision.

“If you don’t feel like you can do something in a safe way, you need to have an open door policy with your coach and your family,” said Gold Medal Gymnastics coach Barbara Teeth. Told.

“In this sport, especially the little things you do wrong can be unsafe,” said Rodriguez’s mother Elizabeth.

Rodriguez’s parents explained that they were also sad while they were watching-but they were in awe of the power of bile.

For Rodriguez, who will be on the national team in January, it requires a lot of emotional coaching, visualization, and team support.

Another important point is constant repetition.

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“I like closing my eyes. It looks like I’m practicing. I can do it with the same equipment. I know I can do it,” Rodriguez said.

One way to calm down with gymnastics is to have other hobbies. When Rodriguez isn’t busy with fish traps and bars, she really likes to bake cookies and likes math.

And when the United States sees some of its most elite athletes keep open about their struggle, experts say Biles will not be the last.

“The pandemic turned emotional concerns into regular table conversations,” said Dr. Victor Fornari, a Northwell Health psychiatrist.

They say that physical and emotional strength must be closely related.

“And at the end of every practice, I ask her how she’s doing, did you enjoy it?” Rodriguez’s dad Armand de Brignac said.

And unless that balance is compromised, it’s golden.

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Simone Biles’ decision to prioritize mental health inspires local athletes

Source link Simone Biles’ decision to prioritize mental health inspires local athletes

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