Singapore Zoo breeds the first panda pups

Jia Jia was inseminated with frozen semen from 13-year-old Kai Kai.

Pandas raised by artificial insemination were born on Saturday at the Singapore Zoo. This is the first child born in a city-state.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore announced on Sunday that Jia Jia, a 12-year-old female giant panda at the zoo, gave birth to a turnip after inseminating frozen semen from 13-year-old Kai Kai.

After several failures in the last few years, the zoo’s zoo keeper wanted to work with Chinese experts to allow pandas to mate naturally, but eventually decided to use it. did Artificial insemination..

“Jia Jia’s first pregnancy and childbirth Important milestones For those of us who are taking care of this endangered species in Singapore. ” Press release..

“This is the result of our staff’s excellent animal care, assisted reproductive technology, and complete patience, coupled with valuable advice from Chinese panda experts.”

Panda has been financed by China for 10 years and arrived in Singapore in 2012.

Experts say that breeding pandas in captivity or in the wild is notoriously difficult. Few animals feel good, or even so, they don’t know how to mate.

To make matters worse, female pandas heat up for about 24-48 hours only once a year, which shortens their conception period.

NS Giant panda Listed as Vulnerable species According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, less than 2,000 are believed to remain in the wild.

Pandas rented to France give birth to twins: Zoo

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Singapore Zoo breeds the first panda pups

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