Six members of the same Florida family were killed by Covid in two weeks

6 members of the same family Florida Despite a petition from a relative working as an aide to the Palm Beach County Commissioner, the person who refused to be vaccinated died.

According to his boss, Lisa Wilson— Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinley — Working with a local minister to convince locals to be vaccinated and to call on her family to be vaccinated COVID..

Despite her work, Ms. Wilson began losing Covid’s relatives about two weeks ago. Palm beach post Lost six members of the family, reported on Tuesday.

“I heard them almost every day.” You have to do this, “she told the outlet on Tuesday. “I’m defeating myself. Should I push harder?”

Ms. Wilson thought of her 89-year-old grandmother, Lily May Dukesmoreland, that her cousin “advised her not to do so,” and said, “I’m too old, unsafe, and never left home.”

She added that after reading false information on social media, she thought, “Many of them were afraid to get vaccinated.”

The vaccine is actually safe for the elderly and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but Wilson’s grandmother lives within 24 hours of being admitted to Covid. I dropped it.

Death occurred within 48 hours of her uncle Tyrone Moreland, and soon after, her cousins ​​Shatara Dukes, 48, and Lisa Wiggins, 53, died. Palm beach post report. Some incidents were believed to be related to family gatherings.

Ms. McKinley tweeted on Friday that her aide had suffered five tragedy for Covid, saying, “She lost two cousins ​​and killed five from Covid within two weeks. Brought”.

“And she’s clinging to another ventilator,” McKinlay added. “But yeah, keep cheering for the court ordering a temporary stay. What’s next on the abolished wishlist-our booster seat law?”

On Sunday, Ms. Wilson lost another member of her family, the 44-year-old Trentarian Moreland. He was an assistant football coach at a high school in Palm Beach County for many years.

Ms. Wilson again referred to her aide in a speech to the County Commission on Tuesday, stating that the loss she suffered was “calm” and called on residents to “just vaccinate.” ..

In Palm Beach County, there have been 5,563 positive cases and 127 deaths in the last 7 days. This number has declined after hitting record highs in mid-August across Florida, where there has been intense debate about face coverings recently.

Six members of the same Florida family were killed by Covid in two weeks

Source link Six members of the same Florida family were killed by Covid in two weeks

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