Six Tips for Motorcycle Riding (Fall Season)

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For many riders, summertime is the most suitable season for riding a motorcycle. Others, however, prefer riding during the fall when they can ride their beloved cruiser, tourer, or roadster motorcycle and enjoy the stunning colors, wonderful sceneries to make the most out of riding adventures before parking the motorcycle during the winter. Nevertheless, riding during the fall comes with certain difficulties, and today we’re here to help you avoid them and fully enjoy riding. Here are the top six tips for motorcycle riding during the fall season.

Check Your Motorcycle

You probably had your motorcycle serviced and checked during the summer, but that doesn’t mean it will be ready for the fall season. Always make sure to check your bike each time before taking it out, and pay close attention to lights, brakes, and turn signals. In addition to that, ensure that cables aren’t worn or frayed and take a close look at wheels, chains, and tires to see if everything is in working condition. Doing all of the above will keep you safe and potentially prevent you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere, which is something you want to avoid.

Plan Your Journey Ahead

Every experienced rider knows that you should always have your destination planned, whether it’s a short or a long journey. Although riding spontaneously may look idyllic, this can also lead to many complications that can ruin the whole riding experience. It’s not necessary to plan every single detail, but at least have basic planning such as:

  • Destination
  • Mapping the route
  • Mapping the gas stops
  • Packing
  • Having an emergency/backup plan

Check The Weather

This is another simple and effective way to plan your journey, by simply checking the weather forecast before it begins. The fall season may cause some unpleasant circumstances on the road that you can avoid and be prepared for anything. Once you know what kind of weather conditions to expect, you’ll have an idea of how to pack and what to wear. As the weather is always shifting during the fall, dress according to the weather and layer up rather than having one bulky jacket or coat. Having light insulating layers of clothing will keep your body temperature while protecting you from bad weather. Don’t forget to include the rain gear as well.

Watch Out For Leaves

Although leaves look wonderful during the fall, the leaves on the road are one of the greatest enemies of each rider. Dry leaves can cover potholes, rocks, or any potential danger that may cause accidents, and wet leaves are even more dangerous since they can make a very slippery surface with much smaller friction. Even when riding at lower speeds, this can cause your bike to lose control and slide on the road, so be very attentive when riding on roads with trees near them, especially those roads close to woods. If you notice leaves on the road, drive slowly until you pass them and increase your speed once you stop noticing them.

Wild Animals Season

Numerous wild animals are becoming increasingly active during the fall, which means they will be relocating a lot to search for food, mate, or escape the predators. Most of the road encounters with wild animals happen during the fall, and it’s because of the reason above. Once you ride into rural areas, mountains, national parks, and such, become extra observant and examine the road sides all the time to react on time in case you experience a close encounter with wild animals. You should be even more cautious during dusk and dawn because this is when many wild animal’s movements reach their peak.

Find Accommodation

While taking the motorcycle road trip, many riders enjoy camping outside and enjoying the beautiful nature. But this may become very challenging during the fall, so perhaps you should leave the camping for the next year and find accommodation instead. Just think about taking a warm shower after a long day on the road and sleeping comfortably in an actual bed. Although motels may seem like an obvious choice, consider the hostels or cabins if you are on the budget.

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