Slap: Oscar producer Will Packer talks about what happened behind the scenes right after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

New York-Oscar 2022 producer Will Packer talks about what happened behind the scenes of Hollywood’s biggest night after actor Will Smith hit comedian Chris Rock on stage.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ TJ Holmes, which aired on Friday at Good Morning America, Packer said the Los Angeles police had Smith at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday night after Smith got out of his seat. He said he was ready to be “arrested.” He walked on stage, hit rock, and joked about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

“That’s an absolute fact,” Packer said. “LAPD revealed that:” We do whatever you want, and one option is for us to arrest him right now. “

“I thought it was a little”

Packer, who led Oscar’s first all-black production team, said he wasn’t worried when Rock first took the stage and awarded him the Best Documentary Film Award.

“I said:’Look at this, he’s going to kill.’ I knew he had a great lineup of jokes we had, so we made him a prompter. I put it in, “recalled the packer. “He didn’t tell one of the planned jokes, but you can’t make up for it. He was immediately freestyle. But if anyone doesn’t have you, I’ll tell you.” Cuffs Riff, [it’s] Chris Rock. He is better than anyone

Packer said he wasn’t worried because he knew Rock would make the crowd laugh. But when things suddenly changed, Packer said he was “depressed.”

“When I see Will screaming on stage, [it] “It was such a vitriol,” he said. It’s not like this. But I have people, everyone is still in my ears, you know, “OK, what are we doing with Camera 2? He’s still Are you there? Are we doing the best documentary department? “And when everyone was losing their heads, Chris was holding his head. “

“But at that point my heart was just in my stomach, because of everything about it, what it represents, what it looks like, and who was involved,” he adds. I did. As I did at that moment. “

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Initially, Packer said, “I thought it was a little,” as many did at the audience and at home. But when Rock got off the stage, the producer could ask directly what happened to Rock.

“I said:’Did he really hit you?’ Packer remembered asking Rock off-stage shortly after the incident.” And he looked at me and he went. Masu: “I just took a punch from Muhammad Ali.” That’s exactly what he said, just as Chris can. He quickly went into joke mode, but it turns out that he was still very shocked. “

Behind the curtain

Behind the scenes, Packer said police officers were immediately on the scene and ready to follow whatever Locke decided. The packer told GMA that he would also have a rock back.

“I made it clear, like’Rock, you tell me whatever you want to do, brother’,” Packer said. “LAPD came and had to talk to Chris, so they came to my office and laid out very clearly what Chris’s rights were, they said. He can now sue, we can arrest him. “

Still, Packer said Locke was “denying” the options offered by the police, and he claimed to be “healthy.” Packer didn’t talk to Smith, but his co-producer Sheila Cowan informed him that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was about to remove Smith from the ceremony. The academy said in a statement Wednesday that he had asked Smith to leave, but he refused.

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“It happened just before the Best Actor Award,” Packer recalled, saying he wasn’t part of a conversation with the Academy to get Smith out of the way. “I immediately went to the academy leader who was on the scene and” Chris Rock doesn’t want it, “I said. “Rock revealed that he didn’t want to create a bad situation.”

Locke wasn’t retaliatory, offensive, or angry after the incident, so the packer said he wasn’t kicking Smith out and was ready to support whatever the comedian wanted at the moment. ..

Smith’s apology

Smith won the Best Actor Award that night for his performance as tennis superstar Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams in the movie “King Richard.” It was his first Academy Award. When giving his acceptance speech on stage, Smith in Tears seems to have mentioned the conflict without directly mentioning or apologizing to Rock. Instead, he apologized to the Academy and his fellow candidates.

The next day, Smith formally apologized to Rock and the Academy for his actions in an Instagram post. Packer said Smith also contacted him that morning.

“He apologized and he said:” You know, this must have been a huge moment for you, “Packer recalled. “He expressed his embarrassment, and that was the range of it.”

Smith reportedly apologized to other Oscar producers for a six-minute zoom call on Tuesday. But the Academy’s board, which announced Wednesday that it would begin disciplinary action against actors, was initially unaware.

The Academy states that it will hold its next board meeting on April 18, during which members may decide to take disciplinary action against Smith, including suspension, dropout, and other sanctions.

Rock treated the moment with “elegance and fuss”

Rock doesn’t say much about what happened between him and Smith, but at the first comedy show since Oscar on Wednesday night, he still “handles what happened,” the audience said. I talked to. point.

However, in the days since Oscar, many have been involved in the incident and are still upset. Comedian Wanda Sykes, one of the co-sponsors of the year, told Ellen DeGeneres that she was “ill” in a broadcast interview on April 7. Depending on what got off the stage.

“To forgive him [Smith] Stay in that room, enjoy the rest of the show and accept his award, I was: “How gross is this?” Sykes said. “This is the wrong message. You will attack someone and be escorted from the building. That’s it.”

Meanwhile, Packer praises Rock for handling the moments he did, especially when the room’s energy diminished.

“Chris treated the moment with such elegance and compassion-it made it possible to continue the show,” Packer said. “Chris continued his way, so he completed the category. He handed the trophy to Questlove. Questlove feels like they were really robbed of their moments. That’s what we do. I licensed us in a way to continue the show. I’m trying to do it. “

“It was such a big moment, a very sad and disappointing moment, so it wasn’t like coming back this night,” he added. “People will talk about things other than the show because they don’t know when they’ll be back.”

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Slap: Oscar producer Will Packer talks about what happened behind the scenes right after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Source link Slap: Oscar producer Will Packer talks about what happened behind the scenes right after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

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