Smokers switching to e-cigarettes may adopt other healthy routines

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Adult smokers who have switched to e-cigarette use may be more likely to improve their health and well-being, according to a new study from the University of Washington.

This study monitored changes in health and social functioning in two stages of adulthood, smokers aged 30 and 39 years.About one-third of smokers vaping Studies have shown that by the age of 39, this group always or always reported better physical health, exercised more, and had more active social involvement.

“Despite the obvious risks to nonsmokers Electronic Cigarette It may play a role in promoting health in the lives of smokers. “

Recently published research Drug and alcohol addictionWas drawn from the Seattle Social Development Project, a larger longitudinal study. The project began tracking about 800 children in 1985 as a fifth grader in Seattle’s elementary school. A sample of the current study focused on 156 participants who reported smoking at age 30 and smoking or vaporizing at age 39.

E-cigarettes first appeared in the United States in the mid-2000s, just around the time the survey sample participants turned 30. By 2018, 10% of adult smokers also used e-cigarettes nationwide. Vaping is especially popular among teens Young adultThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified e-cigarettes as the most popular tobacco product among young people in the United States, and estimates that nearly 21% of young people use e-cigarettes. Previous studies, such as by the University of Washington, found that inhaling vapors in adolescents and young adults could lead to later use of cigarettes. “Thus, electronic cigarettes were a public health disaster,” said Rick Costerman, a research scientist at the Social Development Research Group, the lead author of the study.

At the same time, vaping carries certain risks, but aerosols contain nicotine, small amounts of heavy metals, and other ultrafine, carcinogenic particles that can enter the lungs, which the CDC does. Is considered safer than traditional or flammable cigarettes.

Given the general perception of e-cigarettes as a “healthier” alternative, researchers wanted to investigate smokers’ behavior to switch to e-cigarettes at some point or at all times as they approached middle age. rice field.The research team collected a series of accepted measurements of healthy aging and well-being, including engaging in overall physical and mental health, healthy behavior. Social activities, And the level of education and income. We then surveyed participants aged 30 and 39 about this information and how often they engaged in certain activities.

Of the 156 study participants, 64% were 39 years old and smoked only flammable cigarettes. 28% smoked and inhaled vapors. And 8% were only vaped.The results of the study showed that inhaling more frequent vapors was associated with better compared to smoking. Physical healthMore movement, more active social involvement and higher socio-economic status.

“I can’t show the research, Causal relationshipWe believe that e-cigarettes have less stigma, less odor, and are not physically harmful, which may increase the health promotion opportunities for smokers. E-cigarette users are likely to be in an environment that encourages physical activity and increases opportunities to interact with nonsmokers, “Costerman said.

No association was found between switching to vaping and better ones mental healthWhether other substances such as alcohol are used infrequently, or whether a partner or closest companion smokes (although the wider social environment of vapers may be healthier).

Overall, researchers emphasize that e-cigarettes still have significant public health drawbacks, but this study focuses on smoking occasionally or instead. Smokers are healthier. It shows that there may be many opportunities to choose a lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that vaping is healthy, but for people who are already smoking and can’t quit, it may be associated with other healthy routines.

Daily vaping dramatically increases smoking cessation rates for non-smoking heavy smokers

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Rick Kosterman et al, Is the use of e-cigarettes associated with improving the health and function of smokers approaching middle age? , Drug and alcohol addiction (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / j.drugalcdep.2022.109395

Quote: Smokers switching to e-cigarettes are available from https: // on May 12, 2022. Routines (May 12, 2022) can be adopted

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Smokers switching to e-cigarettes may adopt other healthy routines

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