Snoop Dogg wins Death Row Records with his new album “BODR” (“Bacc On Death Row”)

# Roommate, Snoop dogg Officially return to the label that started his legendary career! After signing the deal, Snoop Dogg announced that it had acquired Death Row Records along with a new album titled “BODR,” which stands for “Bacc On Death Row.”

According to @HollywoodReporter, Snoop Dogg’s career is official Completely go aroundAs it is now, he won the label that made him one of the most iconic figures in the hip-hop industry. Snoop has acquired his former record label Death Row from MNRK Music Group, a company managed by Blackstone’s private equity fund. Snoop will soon be releasing a new album titled “BODR,” which is an acronym for “Bacc On Death Row,” so the timing of the deal is clearly intentional.

Talking about the major ownership agreements for his previous label, Snoop Dogg said:

“It feels good to have ownership of the label I belonged to at the beginning of my career and as one of the founding members. This is a very meaningful moment for me. Blackstone, MNRK, especially I would like to personally thank David Kestnbaum’s team for working with me over the months to make this exciting homecoming a reality. “

Recall that Death Row Records filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and was auctioned off by WIDE awake Entertainment in 2009 for $ 18 million. After making many more changes, the label finally fell into the hands of Blackstone and MNRK.

Snoop Dogg’s new album will be released in partnership with the popular blockchain game platform Gala Games. The company announced earlier today and launched a new music division called Gala Music. It has exclusive rights to the three bonus tracks from’.BODR‘And Snoop have also released NFT’s “Stash Box” at their new Gala Music Store.

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Snoop Dogg wins Death Row Records with his new album “BODR” (“Bacc On Death Row”)

Source link Snoop Dogg wins Death Row Records with his new album “BODR” (“Bacc On Death Row”)

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