Social factors and economic evaluation

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Copyright in the music industry is controversial. From the first printed sheet music to recorded music, home taping and digitization, it has led to a continuous file-sharing blunder that has turned the industry into streaming solutions and new businesses. model.

For those who maintain a music database within a company, the nature and structure of the database itself may be protected by copyright, but the content contained therein may have its own copyright restrictions. There is an esoteric issue to consider in that there may be considerations.Write in International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic TourismItalian team wants to unravel social groups Economic factors Surroundings Copyright issues In this context.

Bruno Marsigalia’Guglielmo Marconi’, Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Rome, Giovanni Calcagni, Faculty of Economics and Law and University of Cassino, and Southern Lazio describe the dual copyright protection of the database provided by the European Union. The law does not extend to the contents of the database and must not harm the copyright holders of the copyrighted material held in the database.

The team explains that it is not always possible to estimate the value of a database because it needs to be considered in a much broader context than as a single entity. ” Database It can be estimated as part of an intangible portfolio and linked to patents, brands and trademarks, “the team writes. “The method of estimating the value of an intangible asset can be used to calculate the economic value of, in the first place, a database,” the researchers add. Therefore, their dissertation is music Streaming service.

Ratings should be viewed in the context of artists, performers, songwriters and other investors. Creative process Creating new songs that are often said to generate little revenue, despite the growing multi-billion dollar status of streaming services that benefit from those songs. Copyright laws are evolving from an artist and creative perspective, and companies that run databases, including databases, need to be able to make a living from their efforts, not just a dollar box. .. Copyright material.

Copyright Commission Raises Songwriter Music Streaming Fees

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Bruno Marsigalia and others Social factors About the economic evaluation of copyright in corporate music databases International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism (2022). DOI: 10.1504 / IJDCET.2022.120826

Quote: Music database copyright: Social factors and economic evaluation (February 18, 2022) from https: // Obtained February 18, 2022

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Social factors and economic evaluation

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