Social interactions help fight depression in people with dementia

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New studies have found that social and group activities can help combat depression in people with dementia.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield and Brighton and Sussex Medical College have analyzed the use of cognitive stimuli. Effective treatment For people with dementia.

Cognitive stimulation is a non-pharmacological treatment of dementia and usually involves emphasizing group activity. Social interaction..

Assessments performed by researchers show that these treatments not only reduce the symptoms of depression in people with dementia. Positive effect About the evaluation of memory and dementia.

Dr. Claudia von Bastian, senior author of research at the University of Sheffield, said: “Dementia is one of the biggest global challenges we face. There is no cure for dementia, and current pharmacological treatments are often Harmful side effects..

“Our study shows that cognitive stimulation is a safe, relatively inexpensive and accessible treatment that helps alleviate some of the core symptoms of dementia, and may even alleviate the symptoms of depression. Is emphasized.

“We need to learn more about the key components of cognitive stimuli that lead to these benefits and how they affect the progression of dementia, but without the negative side effects, the low cost of this treatment is clear. It means that there is. “

Dr. Ben Hicks of Brighton and Hove Medical School said: It is currently widely used worldwide as a cognitive stimulus.

“Our survey is Evidence base We use the latest statistical methods for its effectiveness. The early signs are positive, but there is an urgent need to improve the rigor of evaluation studies and better assess the long-term benefits of cognitive stimulation.Who has dementia Effective treatment is needed. As a research community, this is what we have to offer. ”

Non-pharmacotherapy equal to or better than drugs to treat depression in people with dementia

For more information:
Robin MT Cafferata et al, Effectiveness of Cognitive Stimulation for Dementia: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Psychology Bulletin (2021). DOI: 10.1037 / bul0000325

Quote: Social Interactions, People with Dementia Obtained from on August 10, 2021 (2021) , August 10) Helps fight depression

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Social interactions help fight depression in people with dementia

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