Son’s Son: Who is Morley Terry and what happened to him?

From the beginning, the focus of Netflix’s criminal nonfiction documentary is clear. Sam’s son Research journalist Morley Terry, who was Terry exactly? First, we have to talk about the infamous Sam’s son, David Berkowitz. Fear was unleashed when someone dubbed Sam’s son in New York City between 1976 and 1977 began shooting random spots with a .44 caliber gun. Police eventually captured Berkowitz, who immediately confessed that he had killed six and injured seven that year. But Terry built his career by trying to prove that Berkowitz wasn’t really acting alone, but part of a broader demonic cult related to Scientology and Charles Manson. ..

When the Berkowitz incident occurred in 1976, Terry worked as an in-house editor at IBM in Yorktown in his early thirties. He previously worked as a turnip reporter when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, covering the protests that took place. While working at IBM, he was fascinated by the Berkowitz case. Berkowitz claimed to be the son of the infamous Sam who wrote to the authorities after shooting people anonymously in New York City. However, Terry did not completely purchase his confession. Initially, some survivors described the shooter as tall and blonde, but Berkowitz did not. The press tells the story of Berkowitz shooting a victim under the command of a devil dog belonging to a man named Sam. But when Terry dug up information about Berkowitz’s neighbor Sam and his sons John and Michael Kerr, he began to find a family connection to cult activity.

Terry spent the rest of his career trying to chase Sam’s son’s case and all its connections across the country. He interviewed Berkowitz twice in the 90’s after publishing a book on his discoveries. Ultimate evil.. In those recorded segments, Berkowitz admitted that he was not an archer in all cases, and that Kerr’s son, who died in a suspicious situation, was also his accomplice. However, Terry’s reputation was damaged as the NYPD repeatedly tried to blame him as a conspiracy theorist.

Terry eventually died of heart failure in 2015 at the age of 69. Even if his condition deteriorated, he decided to continue his decades of research into the potential for cult activity across the country. Before he died, he put a box of his studies on Joshua Zeeman, Sam’s son.. The documentary provides us with details of the Berkowitz case, but it also provides us with a personality study of Terry, who was very devoted to the possibility of justice.

Son’s Son: Who is Morley Terry and what happened to him?

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