Sound-focused zoo visits give visitors a new perspective on animal life

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According to one study, zoo visitors can feel a connection to animal life by encouraging them to focus on the sound as much as the sight.

according to researchFocusing on listening as well as seeing can help people get involved animal What they feel is a more authentic way.

Scholars conducted a series of guided listening visits at Paignton Zoo and Bristol Zoo. These visits are designed to question, confuse, and provide alternatives to zoo visit practices.

Studies published in the journal EthnosWas conducted by Tom Rice of the University of Exeter, Alexander Badman King, Sam Hahn, Paul Rose, and Adam Reid of the University of St Andrews.

Dr. Rice said: “Several people who attended the visit found that paying attention to hearing actually increased the multi-sensory relationship between the zoo and its animals. By deepening their understanding of sound, I was able to notice that I usually miss it at the zoo. “

“A really important finding is to listen closely to the participants paying more attention to the zoo residents and not only seeing the animals, but also realizing that they are actually sharing the zoo’s environment with them. Was helped. “

Gloria, one of the participants in Paignton’s listening visit, said by listening she felt “with” the animals, even though she couldn’t see them.

Anna, who attended Bristol’s listening visit, said she felt that listening gave her a “real” experience of the zoo and felt it was a “part” of the zoo. She has made the zoo a place for her to focus and think about animals rather than being there for her entertainment.

Some participants reported that their listening visits felt relaxed, calm, or therapeutic, and the two likened them to the practice of mindfulness.

One participant said, “There is some kind of cure for listening to and picking up everything that is happening in connection with sound … it has a calming effect on you.” rice field.

Another said he got more from his listening visit than he got from a regular trip to the zoo.In his experience, these tended to overload him with more Factual information The listening visit focused more on the direct sensory experience than he could absorb.

Dr. Rice said: visit The zoo suggests that there may be a lot to be gained by providing different perspectives to visitors. They can help them create new ways of dealing with animals and more generally the environment. ”

Careful listening helps teens open their hearts.

For more information:
Tom Rice et al., “Listen to the Zoo: Challenge to the Zoo Visit Tournament”, Ethnos (2021). DOI: 10.1080 / 00141844.2021.1966070

Quote: A sound-focused zoo visit provides visitors with a new perspective on animal life (February 17, 2022). html

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Sound-focused zoo visits give visitors a new perspective on animal life

Source link Sound-focused zoo visits give visitors a new perspective on animal life

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