Southfolk wind farms reduce turbines, but fisheries groups have “serious concerns”

The developers of the offshore wind farm, which will power South Fork, agreed to reduce the number of turbines in the LIPA contracted project from 15 to 12, but Road Island fishermen said turbines. The reduction was useless and provided a $ 12 million compensation package. Insufficient packaging.

Orsted and Eversource are partners in more than $ 2 billion of projects to be built off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts by 2023, and are considering whether to issue a permit for the project. Prior to the Coastal Commission, we announced the changes last week.

In a statement, the two companies said they would “move forward by reducing the total number of turbines in the project from 15 to 12” while providing compensation packages to Rhode Island fishermen. If $ 12 million is accepted, the two companies will move forward. In particular, it will compensate for the loss of income of those who have been banned from fishing due to the construction and installation of turbines.

Fishing group: “Not profitable”

However, the Fisherman’s Advisory Board in Rhode Island opposes this package. Providence Journal ReportThe group’s lawyer, Marisa Desotel, said the group was “seriously concerned about the lack of information provided by Olstead” about the mitigation fund. The compensation package to be paid (or reduced to $ 5.2 million in the case of prepaid) was below the scientific research that estimated the potential loss of fishermen to $ 15-40.4 million.

“That’s not a good idea,” Desotel said. “We believe the impact is significant and can have a significant impact during construction.”

The two companies have already agreed to place turbines one nautical mile apart, and the developers said they would address shipping and commercial fishing concerns in the turbine sector. Developer spokesman Meaghan Wims said commercial trawlers could continue to fish between turbines, but Desotel believes that her representative fisherman “can navigate the area safely.” No, boat insurance is a big issue. ” According to her, there are no plans to fish with trawl nets there.

According to statements by Olstead and Eversource, Rhode Island Coastal Resource Management Commission staff recommends advancing the project’s “certificate of consistency” or permit. The city council vote is after a public comment session. It could happen as early as next week.

Companies say the new model has more capacity

Turbine reduction does not reduce project output by 130 MW. This is enough to power up to 70,000 households. The new turbine model has a larger output capacity (some are taller than 800 feet). The South Fork will use an 11 MW turbine, Wims said.

Asked if the company was willing to offer similar compensation packages to New York fishermen trolling in the area, Wims said New York fishermen working in state waters “by interacting with the project’s equipment activities. Gear loss and temporary movement of commercial fisheries during construction, maintenance and decommissioning.

LI fishermen say his loss is in the thousands.

However, a long island fisherman who recently applied for compensation made his claim and the subsequent appeal was dismissed. Montauk’s lobsterman Vinnie Dam claimed in a document filed last year that an Olstead research vessel had destroyed or lost thousands of dollars in the waters around the trap. Olstead said the boat. He denied that he was responsible for. Wims declined to comment on “complaints about lost individual gears.”

Attorney Desautel said the same thing happened to fishermen in the waters of Rhode Island. “Fishermen have been seriously damaged by the loss of gear from the investigation work,” she said. “None of their claims have been paid.” Olstead said, “Judges and juries are all in one. It’s summarized. You can’t do that. ”

New York fishermen fishing in the federal waters affected by the project are “subject to ongoing processes at the state and federal levels” regarding the potential for compensation packages, Wims said. Fishermen have been demanding compensation packages for New York for years.

Wims said the South Fork Wind Farm “has been working on five years of fishery research” as part of the state’s permit process.

According to her, the company continues to promote operations and maintenance facilities on both Rhode Island and Montauk that may have the option of using the Inlet Seafood docks owned by current and former fishermen.

Southfolk wind farms reduce turbines, but fisheries groups have “serious concerns”

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