Spain arrests Venezuelan spymaster on US drug charges

police of Madrid Arrested ex on Thursday Venezuela The Spymaster, hoping for suspicion of US Narcoterrorism, disobeyed the Spanish surrender order and captured him in a hideaway apartment about two years after disappearing.

General Hugo Carvajal, whose eyes and ears were in the Venezuelan army by General Hugo Chavez, a Venezuelan leader for more than a decade, was arrested in a small apartment where he was trapped.

“He lived a completely enclosed life, never went out or approached windows, and was always protected by trusted people.” Spain Police said in a social media statement that they posted a short video the moment a heavily armed policeman handcuffed Carvajal.

The Spanish High Court, which handles the transfer case, approved Carvajal’s transfer to the United States in 2019. There he faces federal crimes in New York and Florida for working with the Revolutionary Armed Forces guerrillas to “flood” the United States with cocaine.

The delivery order revoked a politically motivated US warrant in accordance with a previous judgment by a High Court judge. Temporarily, Carvajal was released and was never contacted, except for a brief statement on social media last year. He had previously denied cheating.

“I’m ready in good and bad situations,” Carvajal’s wife, Angélica Flores, said when calling the Associated Press for news. “It’s up to him and others to make the statement. This case will continue and we’ll see how it ends.”

Nicknamed “El Poyo” (“Chicken”), Carvajal has been betting on the US Drug Enforcement Noir for over a decade.

First charged in 2011, he barely escaped his surrender when he was arrested in Aruba in 2014, when he was Consul General of the Caribbean Islands of the Netherlands in Venezuela. President Nicolas Maduro’s government has succeeded in putting pressure on Aruba, just a few miles from the Venezuelan coast, to free Carvajal. When that happened, he was welcomed by the hero when he returned to Caracas.

However, he was not a follower of Maduro and was forced into a minor role as a backbench MP in the complex internal affairs of Venezuela’s ruling Socialist Party.

In 2019, Carvajal openly rejected the government and broke up with Maduro to members of the army after opposition leader Juan Guaidó led the street uprising and quickly gained U.S. approval as a legitimate leader in Venezuela. I urged you.

During the run, from both DEA ​​and Maduro, Carvajal traveled from the Dominican Republic to the Spanish capital under a disguised identity. AP previously reported that he was greeted by two Spanish intelligence officers at the airport in Madrid.

From Europe, Carvajal wanted to use the contacts and knowledge of Venezuela’s deep nation to create a military aid rebellion against Maduro.

However, he was arrested on the day of the U.S. Warrant on April 30, 2019, before the barracks rebellion failed, due to many frustrations of Venezuelan opposition who secretly tried to turn over senior members of the army. ..

There was no immediate comment from the Maduro government.

The proceedings against Carvajal in New York packed 5.6 tonnes of cocaine in 128 suitcases, centered on a DC-9 jet from Caracas, which landed in southern Mexico in 2006. Carvajal said judicial investigations in Venezuela and Mexico had never linked him to the case, and that the alleged owner of the plane supported his alibi.

However, according to the DEA Special Agent’s affidavit, he faces evidence of guilt from telephone records, drug ledgers, and testimony of at least 10 witnesses. According to the affidavit, these witnesses include members and associates of the “Sun Cartel,” a former Venezuelan official.

The US indictment also reiterates the accusations that Carvajal provided weapons and protection to Colombian rebels within Venezuela.

The former general ridiculed the claim. He said contact with FARC, designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, was limited to ensuring the release of Venezuelan businessmen who were approved and abducted by Chavez and paving the way for peace talks with the Colombian government. It says that it was.


Para reported from Madrid.

Spain arrests Venezuelan spymaster on US drug charges

Source link Spain arrests Venezuelan spymaster on US drug charges

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