Speech by Tiffany Haddish with surrogate mother

Tiffany Haddish Worked on having a surrogate mother. Check out what she had to say about the subject.

Tiffany revealed that she was interested in adoption. She also revealed that surrogacy wasn’t for her, and actually sold some eggs when she was in her twenties.

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Someone said: “If I give my eggs, I’m a family now. I want to see if they look like me 🤣” and the commenter posted this message: ” Donate your eggs! Especially if you are not using them! More black women suffering from infertility who are unable to lay high quality eggs to find donors of the same ethnic group I’m having a hard time! Help me.’

One other follower posted this:’Bayer behaves like an ale not here that sells plasma. The next step in this yall 😂’said the commenter:’As long as I love her transparency, I still feel like sis is over-sharing 😩’

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Fans posted this: “Normalize women who don’t want children and the society that accepts them.”

Fans said: “She was entertaining on the girl’s trip just after being downhill,” and one other follower posted this:’Damn. Tiffany must have really experienced it … sis had to sell her eggs. 😩 They don’t like sperm, you don’t create any more.

A follower posted this: “There’s a kid with your DNA somewhere, you don’t even know …” said one: “Which double murder can give up an egg?” I convinced everyone that I didn’t understand how it works … she literally helps to reproduce, not the other way around. “

Not long ago, during a clubhouse chat, it was revealed that Tiffany Haddish had thrown none other than the shade on Nicki Minaj!

While part of a chat recorded in the app Clubhouse, Tiffany Haddish informed her of her feelings when a fan compared her to Nicki Minaj.

That person definitely meant it as a compliment, but Tiffany didn’t have it.

Speech by Tiffany Haddish with surrogate mother

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