Sportradar: Time to zoom out and see a wide-angle view of the CPA

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CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) has long been one of the most popular marketing indicators in the industry, allowing all sportsbooks to list target CPA and identify the highest performing channels of CPA.

But do they know exactly what keeps their CPA low? Or what is preventing them from getting as low as they want? Do they know the content and media that are pushing customers and prospects further down the goal-achieving process and towards their elusive first deposits? In most cases, the answer to this is no.

that’s why Sportradar And SBC Webinar’s upcoming webinar “”Beyond CPA: High Impact Advertising in Sportsbooks‘, Made in Tuesday, August 10 10:00 am easternTrying to unveil the CPA and discussing the dangers of an operator focusing on a simple “vanity metric” without understanding the gist behind it.

Guest speaker Mike Smith, US Advertising Director for Sportradar, discusses why sportsbooks need to zoom out, capture the user base at a wider angle, and continue to explore new and unique ways to impact performance. Measure success to gain (and maintain) incremental market share.

In addition, Smith covers a variety of other solutions that are effectively leveraged by sportsbooks, providing insights on how to accurately and accurately measure success in each way. He also gives his thoughts on the right combination of media to maximize your results.

In addition, the webinar looks ahead to the next 6-12 months of sports betting, identifies the “next big thing” and attempts to prepare the operator, and finally analyzes the less-explored methods of sports books. Try to find a customer.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 10th at 10am in the east and can be registered for free with a click. Here..

Sportradar: Time to zoom out and see a wide-angle view of the CPA

Source link Sportradar: Time to zoom out and see a wide-angle view of the CPA

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