SportsHandle: It was a week of sports betting in the United States

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SportsHandle and his friends provide another summary of this week’s major developments in sports betting in the United States.

Single game Parley featured Sportsbook World on Storm

When trying to rank the most important moments in the history of the sports betting business, there are some things that stand out.

As with the invention of point spreads, overturned PASPAs are certainly ranked at or near the top. It was thanks to Charles K. McNeill, a Chicago companion who came up with the idea in the early 1940s.

But it’s no exaggeration to say that in recent months, new items on the sports bettor’s menu have taken hold, and based on early returns, the single-game parley will one day hold up as a brilliant example of, well. Not only a huge profit for sports book operators, but also a turning point for the sports betting industry.

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The $ 1 billion NJ quest to bet a handle in a month becomes a reality

A long build for the New Jersey sportsbook, which handles $ 1 billion in bets in a month, finally reached its mark at $ 1,011,114,311 in September, announced Monday by state regulators.

The progress towards becoming the first state in the United States to clear notable thresholds has not been very straightforward.

The two-week action of the June 2018 launch month brought stakes to just $ 16.4 million, more than doubled in July and more than doubled in August, but in September 2018. Over $ 183.9 million is the first three digits of the handle.

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NJ collects more taxes from online casinos than physical stores

New Jersey online casino games have a long way to go to catch up with revenue (in the non-pandemic era). It’s the old-fashioned way from customers who appear at nine Atlantic City casinos and gamble there. However, the online version is taking the lead in an important way for state residents as more taxes are flowing into the New Jersey Treasury.

Since the start of online casino play in 2013, operators have paid 15% of the total revenue of online casinos in taxes. For example, in September, a record $ 122.6 million in revenue generated a record $ 18.5 million in taxes, according to a state game executive report released Monday.

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Now that the soft launch is over, anyone can bet on Connecticut

Nineteen days after the first bet was placed and seven days after the first mobile bet was placed, Connecticut operators opened digital sports betting and iCasino to anyone in the state they wanted to play.

At 6 am on Tuesday, the Consumer Protection Agency lifted all remaining restrictions on time, bets allowed, or the number of people allowed to play on each platform. As such, Connecticut is one of nearly 30 fully live and legal sports betting jurisdictions in the United States.

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Betting on a successful expansion, Pennation completes the purchase of The Score

Penn National Gaming announced on Tuesday that it has completed a $ 2 billion acquisition of theScore aimed at significantly expanding its penetration into the North American sports betting market.

“We are excited to create this powerful new entertainment flywheel that offers multiple growth channels across current industries,” Penn National President and CEO Jay Snowden said in a statement accompanying the announcement. Stated.

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In a collusion warning, the book faces a deadline to comply with the New York tax rate matrix

As the NFL season approaches its midpoint, the New York Games Commission is set to complete key procedural steps in the state’s competitive mobile sports betting bidding process by early next week.

Empire State’s coveted mobile license bidders need to revise the so-called “price list” contained in the application submitted by participating sportsbook operators in early August by 5 pm Monday. there is. According to a statement released by the Commission on Wednesday night, the modified pricing matrix within the modified application must comply with the Commission’s “Final Tax Rate Matrix” for selecting bidders.

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Caesars Sportsbook plans Louisiana soft launch in the next few days

After becoming the first sportsbook to partner with the Power 5 program and winning the Superdome naming rights, the Caesars Sportsbook appears to be the first to be published in digital gambling in Louisiana. The company plans to go live this weekend, sources said.

Louisiana voters legalized sports betting in 55 of 64 parishes last November, and Governor John Bel Edwards approved a law in June detailing tax rates and some frameworks. Since then, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board has approved emergency rules, and state police are considering applying for a license. The new law allows up to 40 digital platforms connected to 20 existing casinos and racetracks in the state.

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One Florida sports betting case has been revoked.Two in play

Advertised as a victory for the Seminors and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a judge in the US District Court dismissed a proceeding on Monday seeking an injunction against the start of a legitimate sports bet in Florida. The proceedings have been one of three since DeSantis negotiated a compact to give Seminole exclusive rights to sports betting. Lawmakers approved the compact in May.

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SportsHandle: It was a week of sports betting in the United States

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