Squid Game: Challenge, Netflix’s New Reality TV Show

Netflix says “Squid game“It’s a reality TV show inspired by the survival drama series, but don’t worry. Bet isn’t life or death. On June 14, Streaming Platform unveiled” The Biggest Reality Competition Ever “at the Banf World Media Festival. .. Hollywood Reporter.. Like the series, the contest will be attended by 456 participants. This is the biggest cast ever and will fight in a series of contests. A game that bends the heart To win huge prizes.

No specific game has been announced, but the 10-episode series is “full of tension and twist”, so IRL (but not deadly) red lights, green light dolls, Tug of war The game, and the challenge of Dargona Candy, is so frustrating that we will cling to the edge of the seat while looking at the comfort of the sofa. However, we also fully expect some new challenges to be added to keep the athlete on the toes. This means that things can be at risk.

The announcement will be made just days after Netflix is ​​officially updated.Second season squid game “.. “We are grateful for this support as we make the fictional world a reality with this massive competition and social experiment,” said Netflix’s Brandon League. “Fans of the drama series are on a fascinating and unpredictable journey.”

Keep reading to find out more about upcoming reality shows. If you are one of the few (unfortunate) people to take the spot in the competition, the odds may be in your favor.

“”Squid game: Challenge “cast

Netflix is ​​now Application for potential contestants From all over the world. Applicants must speak and understand English as the game instructions are given in English through the speakers. To apply, watch a one-minute video explaining who you are, why you want to participate in Squid Game: Challenge, what your game plans are, and what you’ll do with big prizes. Must be submitted. won. Participants must also be 21 years of age or older and be able to participate in the four-week contest in early 2023.

Are we interested in getting one of those green tracksuits? absolutely.But it will take some Full-scale home practice To prepare for a potentially unforgettable game where the show may work.

“Squid Game: Challenge” Prize Money

In the original Netflix series, Gifun takes 45.6 billion won home, Or about $ 38 million. For those cunning and accidental enough to end the reality TV competition, the prize pool is a whopping $ 4.56 million, the biggest prize pool in TV history. It is not yet clear how the money will be distributed or whether multiple winners will be able to split the prize.

“Squid Game: Challenge” Release Date

Netflix has not yet announced the official release date for “Squid Game: Challenge”. The show may not appear on the screen until late 2023 or 2024, as production is still underway and filming is not expected to begin until early 2023.

Squid Game: Challenge, Netflix’s New Reality TV Show

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