Sri Lanka lifts ban on herbicides associated with cancer cases

Sri Lanka lifted a partial ban on herbicides subject to a US lawsuit over allegations of causing cancer after abandoning its campaign to become the world’s first fully organic farm on Wednesday.

The island nation is on the verge of a serious economic crisis, and a shortage of foreign exchange is causing food shortages. crude oil And other essentials.

Over the weekend, after authorities lifted the ban on pesticides and other agricultural products Food shortage Vegetable prices have doubled and supermarkets have begun distributing rice.

In 2015, Sri Lanka completely banned the use of glyphosate, which was classified as “potentially carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization.

Three years later, a limited exemption was set for the tea industry, the country’s main source of export revenue.

A government bulletin distributed on Wednesday lifted all remaining restrictions on herbicides and took effect immediately.

Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage told reporters Wednesday that all remaining bans Agricultural products It has been abolished.

Glyphosate Active ingredient The herbicide Roundup has been widely used around the world since its introduction in 1974. Edible crops Public lawns and forestry other than agriculture.

German chemical giant Bayer has been plagued by legal issues since it acquired Roundup producer Monsanto in 2018, with a series of claims by cancer patients that glyphosate caused the disease.

The company has secured billions of dollars to cover the costs of the proceedings.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said he wanted to make Sri Lanka’s agriculture 100% organic and banned the import of pesticides in May.

The island previously spent up to $ 400 million annually on importing fertilizer, much of which was provided free of charge to farmers.

Rajapaksa’s office admitted that the import ban led to the abandonment of about one-third of Sri Lankan farmland during the current farming season, which began a month ago.

Sri Lanka ends ban on pesticides due to organic drive failure

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Sri Lanka lifts ban on herbicides associated with cancer cases

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