Stenciling Secrets for Beginners to Master the Art Just Like a Pro

Children have a fascination for colors. They love to smear colors on paper and even sprinkle glitter on them. They thoroughly enjoy the process. Children are excited and overjoyed to move their paintbrushes all over the paper. According to parenting experts at First Cry, it is truly a rewarding experience if you allow your children to spontaneously enjoy the entire development process of their creative skills. Developing appreciation and acknowledgment for visual aesthetics and creative activities could be the vital building blocks for the overall growth and advancement of children.

Stenciling could be an excellent way of discovering your child’s inherent artistic and creative skills. Stencils could help create a brilliant handcrafted finish on your floors, walls, wood, furniture, paper, metal, or even fabric. Stenciling is pretty simple and easy. It is good fun for young learners since it evokes a sense of creative fulfillment. Let us discuss a few tips to use your stencils to achieve a professional finish. Parents should learn more about stencils to motivate and inspire their kids. Here are some tips for parents so that they may guide their kids fruitfully.

Find the Perfect Stencils

You may come across many different types of stencils in the market. Some stencils are available at affordable prices while some others are quite expensive. You may create your DIY-style stencils.

Identify the Best Thing or Surface to Stencil

Some projects could be relatively simpler than others to stencil. It is best to avoid rounded surfaces as that could be challenging. The rounded shape will not allow the stencil to lie flat. Things such as, large vertical walls may not be the apt surface for stenciling. You may look for flat surfaces. Let your imagination go wild using flat fabric pieces, dressers, cabinet doors, or even small walls. These surfaces are the best for learning and mastering the art of stenciling.

Opt for the Perfect Accessories

You may make it a point to use the right accessories for stenciling. Buy the right accessories to master the art of stenciling and get the perfect pro finish. Some of the things you may start collecting are flat paint, spray adhesive, stencil tape, painter’s tape, stencil brushes, small foam roller, and small paintbrushes. You may consider using adhesive stencils for best results and hassle-free stenciling!

Choose the Right Designs 

Stencils are great for highlighting and accentuating. Some of the designs that come out best when you use stencils are:

Quotes & Words: You may use words and quote patterns for accentuating your home décor. Some experts recommend using quotes and words that complement your décor theme. For instance, if your child’s bathroom has been designed based on a navigational theme, you may use the stencil to highlight the four directions: East, West, North, and South on the bathroom vanity unit. You may even consider adding directional arrows to teach your children a few things while they use the bathroom.

Fun Shapes & Images

Stencil art can completely change the overall look or finish of any furniture item. You can use stunning stencil patterns over your kid’s play sink to dress it up.


You will come across many popular designs or patterns on stencils like florals, damask, and contemporary ones. You may buy stencils with designs that you would love to use again and again so that you can make the most of the stencil and get the best value for your money.


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