Stony Brook University Starts Offshore Wind Training This Summer

Stony Brook University will launch its first accreditation program for offshore wind this summer. This is the beginning of a broader effort to train thousands of workers in fast-growing areas.

This three-week summer program works with faculty members from three different schools at the university, from the aerodynamics and marine life impacts of wind turbines to the preparation of state and federal climate policies and offshore wind grids. Covers a variety of topics. According to the material, we will also consider the opposition from groups such as fishermen who see offshore wind as a threat to their livelihoods and the prospect of “coexistence”.

The 45-hour program, which can accommodate up to 30 people, is free for participants and is funded by seed grants from the offices of the Prime Minister of SUNY and Governor Andrew M. Kuomo, Deputy Professional Education Officer of Stoney Brooke. Patricia Malone, President, said. This program (“Basics of Offshore Wind”), according to Malone, is the first program to expect a wider range of programs, certificates, and even advanced and bachelor’s degrees in offshore wind and related topics. .. student.

This is Stony Brook’s first program from a state consortium of SUNY and the State University of New York Energy Research and Development to meet the needs of the new offshore wind industry. As part of the plan, Stoney Brook is partnering with Farmingdale State College at the Offshore Wind Training Institute.

The first Stoney Brook training program scheduled for August 2-20 at Zoom is intended for anyone with a four-year or two-year degree and two years of experience in the relevant industry. I will. According to Malone, the university is marketing classes throughout the state to ensure that it contains a diverse combination of candidates from different potential careers and geographic regions.

“I think this will create a great community of professionals to support the movement of offshore wind power in this area,” Malone said. She added that 37 people have already enrolled in this class and are planning more classes later this year. “Maybe we’ll launch it for a fee in the fall and keep it up and running,” she said. The application deadline is July 15th, and the program is open to New Yorkers only.

The program is the result of months of planning and development by Stony Brook faculty and leaders on campus, including the Faculty of Professional Development, the Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences, the Faculty of Marine Atmospheric Sciences, and the Advanced Energy Center. .Professors and staff from each school participate in the program.

She said additional classes and programs are planned within the next 6 to 24 months.

Certification holders can apply for higher-level jobs that are expected to be offered as the offshore wind industry develops on Long Island and the East Coast, Malone said. Equinor, a Norwegian energy conglomerate, plans two wind farms off the South Shore from 2024. Danish energy giant Orsted and its partner Eversource are planning turbines primarily based in New England to power the Long Island and state grids. As the work progressed, the two companies promised to fund a large number of workers and professionals in the industry.

Operation, maintenance, construction and other worker training is provided at community colleges. Suffolk County Community College and Farmingdale State College are one of the universities that will offer such training, Malone said.

Stony Brook University Starts Offshore Wind Training This Summer

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