Storm Aida wreckage floods and tornadoes hit northeastern United States

As the storm Aida climbed the eastern United States, a tornado passed through Annapolis, Maryland.

The wreckage of Hurricane Aida caused further turmoil as it traveled up the northeastern United States, causing tornadoes and serious floods, including New York City.

“Severe and life-threatening flash floods are likely to occur from the Mid-Atlantic coast to southern New England,” the National Weather Service said in a breaking news, with 3-8 inches of rain being able to flood the area until Thursday. He said he had sex.

New York City issued a rare flash flood emergency alert on Wednesday, urging residents to move to higher ground.

A 19-year-old man was killed in a flood in Maryland, and another person went missing after the building was flooded on Wednesday. Number of deaths From Ida to Seven.

Ida crashed into the southern United States on Sunday. It has been weak since then, Serious flood When tornado In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, a tornado tore a tree and knocked down a utility pole in Annapolis, 30 miles (50 km) from the US capital.

The NWS warned that the tornado threat would continue until Wednesday night, and tornado surveillance was conducted in southern Connecticut, northern New Jersey, and parts of southern New York.

“Evacuate now. Scattered objects are dangerous for those caught without shelter. Move downstairs and away from the window,” the New York City emergency alert agency tweeted later in Manhattan. Announced multiple road closures across major city provinces, including. , Bronx and Queens, due to the flood.

“This is extremely dangerous and can be a deadly flash flood in progress in Somerset County and elsewhere in the region,” the Philadelphia metropolitan NWS account said in a water stir. Tweeted with a video of a trapped car.

Ida is expected to continue steaming northward on Thursday, causing heavy rains in New England, which was hit by a rare tropical cyclone in late August.

US President Joe Biden plans to travel to Louisiana on Friday, where Aida destroyed buildings and left more than a million homes without electricity.

Hurricanes are common in the southern United States, but scientists warn that climate change is increasing cyclone activity as sea levels warm, increasing the threat to the world’s coastal communities.

Henri has upgraded to a hurricane that threatens the U.S. coast

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Storm Aida wreckage floods and tornadoes hit northeastern United States

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