Storm Olav Soaks Baja California, Mexico

Hurricane Olav has been vulnerable to a Category 1 storm.

A tropical cyclone Olav struck Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula on Friday, causing strong winds and heavy rains at major beach resorts in Los Cabos before the hurricane lost its power.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Olaf landed near the city of San Jose del Cabo late Thursday, causing a Category 2 hurricane with a maximum wind speed of 100 miles (160 km).

It is reported that when the wind dropped to 70 mph, it weakened on land and lost its hurricane condition.

A public hospital in Los Cabos, one of Mexico’s major tourist destinations, has been evacuated due to the risk of flooding, officials said.

However, there were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage, and the hurricane warning was downgraded to a tropical cyclone warning on the coastline from Todos Santos to Cabo San Lazaro.

Dangerous storm surges are expected to be accompanied by large and damaging waves near the coast, according to the NHC, warning that heavy rains can cause “serious and life-threatening flash floods and landslides.”

Authorities set up a storm cellar and schoolchildren in Baja California Sur were told to stay home on Friday.

The port was closed due to a small boat and flights were canceled at Los Cabos and La Paz airports.

According to the Mexican Meteorological Service, Olaf could also cause heavy rainfall on the northwestern mainland, causing landslides, river floods and floods.

Hurricane Olav

A map showing the forecast trajectory of Hurricane Olaf near the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico.

The storm was expected to subside further, crossing the Pacific Ocean and returning west by Friday night.

Mexico is regularly hit by tropical storms.

Last month, a category 3 hurricane called Grace killed 11 people after hitting eastern Mexico.

Storm Olav came when Mexico recovered from a magnitude 7.1 earthquake and floods elsewhere in disaster-prone countries.

This week, 14 patients died at a hospital in the town of Tula in central Hidalgo after floods disrupted electricity and life-supporting oxygen treatments.

Tens of thousands of inhabitants were affected after the town’s river ruptured the embankment, forcing people to leave their homes.

“Everything went out of control from one moment to the next,” said Jenny Casillas, a housewife in her 40s.

Then, on Tuesday, at least one person was killed in southern Guerrero, buildings were damaged, and a felt earthquake struck hundreds of kilometers away, including Tula.

“It will be difficult to get out of this situation,” said Maricella Maya, 31, who works at a clinic in the town.

Hurricane Olav weakens on Baja California Peninsula, Mexico

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Storm Olav Soaks Baja California, Mexico

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