Studies show that few COVID-19 patients show rebound symptoms after Paxrovid treatment

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Researchers at the Mayo Clinic studied the outcomes of 483 high-risk patients treated with COVID-19 in a 5-day oral regimen that sells Nilmatrelvir and ritonavir together as Paxlobid. Only a handful of COVID-19 rebound symptoms have occurred, and researchers say more research is needed to determine the reason.

Overall, treatment has benefited everyone in the study.Everything has recovered, including Patience People who generally develop mild rebound symptoms.The survey results will be displayed in the journal Clinical infections..

“We have found that rebound is rare in this group of patients,” said senior author Aditya Shah, MBBS, a physician and researcher for Mayo Clinic infections. “Only 0.8% of the group experienced rebounds (symptoms), and all recovered quickly without additional treatment with COVID.”

Most patients were vaccinated and many were additionally vaccinated. The median age was 63 years. Although these patients were at increased risk of COVID, none had immunodeficiency. Only two patients were hospitalized for reasons other than COVID-19.

This study focuses on four patients with rebound symptoms.

  • 75 year old man Coronary artery disease People with increased cough and myalgia 19 days after treatment.
  • Obesity, high blood pressure, Kidney disease With people who develop fatigue sore throat 6 days after treatment.
  • A 69-year-old man with hypertension and obesity who showed runny nose and cough 10 days after treatment.
  • A 70-year-old man with a history of prostate cancer, obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol developed severe nasal congestion 10 days after treatment.

Why did you rebound?

Researchers believe that replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19) may have triggered a secondary immune response that manifests itself as a mild COVID-19 symptom. They suggest that further prospective studies can answer the question. They also note that all four patients with rebound symptoms had many serious health problems known as comorbidities. This is a factor that has been shown to complicate recovery. And all four patients had been vaccinated for more than 90 days before being infected with COVID-19.

Take Paxlovid for COVID-19: What to Expect

Quote: According to the survey, Paxlovid treatment obtained on June 14, 2022 from https: // (June 14, 2022) ) Few COVID-19 patients show rebound symptoms later

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Studies show that few COVID-19 patients show rebound symptoms after Paxrovid treatment

Source link Studies show that few COVID-19 patients show rebound symptoms after Paxrovid treatment

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