Studies show that friends are most valued in the cultures they may need most

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Researchers at Michigan State University have investigated the cultural and health benefits of relationships in a new study, saying that friends are more than trusted best friends.

“Friendship is one of the undeveloped resources that people can use to pursue a happier and healthier life. Friendship is literally inexpensive and has health and welfare benefits,” MSU said. William Chopik, assistant professor of psychology and lead author of the study, said. ..

Was announced in Psychology FrontierThe survey was the largest of its kind, with 323,200 participants from 99 countries. Previous studies have compared only a few specific cultures to each other, but have not taken such a comprehensive view.

“We have found that valuing friendship is good for people’s health and well-being, regardless of where they live. But seeing friendship as an important part of life is more important than any other culture. There is also a culture. “

Using the World Values ​​Survey, researchers have extracted data from multiple sources, including datasets on friendship, health, and well-being findings. Economic variables; and cultural variables.

Researchers have found that people around the world who invest in friendships, especially the elderly and less educated, enjoy better physical and psychological health. The benefits are especially apparent in more individualistic, unequal, or constrained cultures.

“People from more privileged environments have many resources that contribute to their health and well-being, but for those who do not have those resources, friendship is a particularly important factor in their lives. It may be useful, “said Chopic.

One of the goals of MSU’s Close Relationships Lab, founded and operated by Chopik, is to look at friendships and study them in ways that allow people to lead a better life.

“In today’s world, people are lonely and want friends, but there is a general feeling that they are in a’friendship crisis’that is struggling to make friends,” Chopic said. “Here we show that everywhere is beneficial to almost everyone. But why is it so difficult to form and maintain them? That’s what we’re working on next. is.”

Are friends better for us than family?

For more information:
Peiqi Lu et al, “The Importance of Friendship Around the World: Links to Cultural Factors, Health and Happiness” Psychology Frontier (2021). DOI: 10.3389 / fpsyg.2020.570839

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Studies show that friends are most valued in the cultures they may need most

Source link Studies show that friends are most valued in the cultures they may need most

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